1. abrimaal

    Rallycross tracks 202308

    Tracks created by @jomoog for RFactor. The pack contains 3 tracks: Auentalring, Teufelsbach, Weidenring External download: older version: Important for users of the...
  2. abrimaal

    Monza 1999 202304

    It was a warmup before building my first track, Haunted Meadows. This vision of Monza uses many models and textures that I used later in Haunted Meadows. It was started a few years ago, about 2020. Now it is finished. Based on Monza 2007 reverse track by SimBin. Sky, additional textures, object...
  3. abrimaal

    rFactor Multiplayer Vehicle MPV 202303

    MPV Multiplayer Vehicle Race 07 / GTR Evo / AllTimerGT version by Abrimaal of Carsay unltd. initial version 202303 This is a small, slow, extreme low poly, single person car imitation. (already not so slow: got the engine of Mini GTL instead of FIAT 126) in three car body variants, defined in...
  4. abrimaal

    Safety cars for GTR Evo, Race 07 202203

    A compilation of original and other safety cars. Rearranged car order (start numbers). Now the original Race 07 cars are among the other cars. Updates will be released also here: ATCC3_GameData_Teams_TrackVehicles_Safetycar.7z The current list of cars and credits to the original authors: no...
  5. abrimaal

    Wartburg 353 for GTR Evo Race 07 202104_R07

    A car from the pack Ostalgie by Track505 for rFactor GTR2 Conversion by remracer (gothaner) Added some street skins. The gauges are not working, I really don't know why they work in GTR 2 and they don't work in Evo. Cameras need to be adjusted. This car starts in two classes: Race 1972 and...
  6. abrimaal

    Are you GT or not? 202102

    This wooden box is a GT Tester. If your car is too tall to be GT, it will crash with the box :) Add the .gmt and .dds files to the Zaluzani files. If you don't want to replace the .trk file, just add to your .trk file: Instance=sign_woodbox { Moveable=True MeshFile=sign_woodbox.gmt...
  7. abrimaal

    Haunted Meadows - GTR Evo 202302

    A fantasy, semi-offroad track inspired by music, lyrics and graphic art by Lake of Tears
  8. abrimaal

    Apricot Hill reworked for GTR Evo 202011

    + converted all .jpg, .png and .bmp textures to .dds + moved jumbo screens to be visible and added animated slideshows + replaced some textures, the original are in the folder 0rig files, not used on the track + made windows in buildings transparent + removed empty objects with 0 faces + added a...
  9. abrimaal

    SIMCA 8 for Race 07 GTR Evo 202104

    3D model by xgraphics @ cgtrader Conversion to Race07 / GTR Evo / ATCC3 by Carsay version 202008 not working: steering wheel - I could not find a graphic editor, the steering wheel is fixed to the interior. cockpit gauges, motec, interior mirrors, wipers - I can't do that. numberplates are the...
  10. abrimaal

    FIAT 125p for Race 07 and related games 202104re

    This is a pre-release. A converted 3D model. The car is drivable, but missing the interior. There is no interior and cockpit at all. I am looking for collab in finding and adapting cockpit to this car. The rest of graphics I will do - lights, shading, textures, cameras. There are two variants -...
  11. abrimaal

    ZIL 164 Truck 202203

    ZIL 164 3D Model found standing on a track. It may be from another game. Made drivable by Carsay. initial pre-release 2020-06-06 This truck starts in two classes, with a slower engine (maybe too slow) in Race class. and with stronger engine in Trucks, that it could compete with other trucks...

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