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  1. I

    Sell Sportline Racing imola wheel with button plate

    New leather sportline imola 3 (300mm) 5mm carbon plate with knitter mta106g buttons 2 x cts encoder with alu knob alu housing with lumberg connector for usb and fanatec magnetic shifters Only for PC by coiled usb , wheel is 6 x 70mm pattern. Asking price 350 Euro. Ships from Netherlands
  2. I

    Sell SSRG Porsche Cup Style Wheel

    Hi all. Iam a huge Porsche Fan and bought it from ssrg only for collectors purposes. So this wheel was never used or touched in the last year. As you can see on the pictures. Original price was over 800 euro Asking price 400 Euro shipping from Germany. Worldwide is possible but will be more...
  3. G

    Sell [EU] Complete Sim Rig mostly Moza

    Hello, I would like to sell my complete Sim Rig. The setup consists of Moza components, a wheelstand and a Thrustmaster shifter. Included are the following items: - Moza R9 Wheel Base - Moza RS V2 Wheel - Moza Handbrake - Moza SR-P 2 Pedals - Moza Clutch Pedal - Thrustmaster Shifter -...
  4. Electro3 Strike

    E3SP (PP Filter) 0.3

    E3SP brings out the potential of AC's Post Processing. It provides high quality colors, which gives a great experience. ==================================================== Note: This PP Filter is still WIP and is being improved overtime. CSP and Sol is highly recommended with this PP Filter...
  5. RyanMicallef.71

    Sell OBP Pro Race V2 Hydraulic Pedals!

    As the title states, My OBP Hydraulics are up for sale! I have had them a little over 2 months and have used them regularly (about 3 hours use every other day). I sent them off too the factory last week too get new bolts, springs, re-bled too factory standard and most importantly I got them...
  6. ProSimu

    Authorised Vendor ProSimu - racing and motion simulator since 2009

    Patrick here, from PROSIMU. Since Racedepartment is an important place for the community, I thought it would be nice to introduce our company here and share our latest news with you guys. We have been a simracing hardware manufacturer for more than 10 years now, specialized in motion racing...
  7. H

    Verzegnis Sella Chianzutan Hillclimb 2.0 (Updated By TRD)

    Un po' di storia della pista; Verzegnis - Sella Chianzutan si snoda lungo la bella strada, qualificata "pista permanente", che collega le due rispettive località della Carnia, pochi chilometri a nord-ovest di Tolmezzo. 200 chilometri all'ora. Ha un percorso molto completo lungo il quale i...
  8. GethemaAT

    Simple High-Res Alternative Car Preview & Showroom Presets 1.2

    Simple High-Res Alternative Car Preview & Showroom Presets requires Content Manager previews rendered at two times the default resolution (2044 x 1150) for better image clarity comes in six variants, including three bright and three dark preview presets (see pics) two extra custom showrooms...
  9. OzBoz

    BMW M3 E30 DTM - Martini livery 1.02

    My first but absolutly not my last skin. I created this one for the DTM league at LegaCorsa.com. It's was a big puzzle to get the lines nicely onto a car that has a brick shape but I'm pretty satisfied. Hope I can please some more people with this skin and please let me know if there are errors...

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