lega corsa

  1. OzBoz

    RSS 4 - Lega Corsa Skin Pack by SecondSkins.nl 1.0

    A skin pack I created some time ago but which was requested in a YouTube comment. The skin is 4k and comes with fitting gloves, helmets and suits. Race on! Oscar - oscar@secondskins.nl / Other skins by me
  2. OzBoz

    LegaCorsa.com Audi TT-Cup skins by SecondSkins.nl 1.3

    For our league at legacorsa.com I created a base skin. A bit because I think the real Audi skins look a bit boring. What started with one became a ordering system where drivers could pick their own colors, logo etc. What started small is now a big grid of 36 customised cars which look great in...
  3. OzBoz

    Mercedes 190 EVO II - SecondSkins.nl 0.9

    I like to create skins and at the legacorsa.com DTM league we always make fun of the Mercedes drivers as being cab drivers. One thing lead to another and I wanted to surprise them to drive next championship in a Mercedes with that (bad) joke as theme. It's really a bit over the top design but...
  4. OzBoz

    BMW M3 E30 DTM - Martini livery 1.02

    My first but absolutly not my last skin. I created this one for the DTM league at LegaCorsa.com. It's was a big puzzle to get the lines nicely onto a car that has a brick shape but I'm pretty satisfied. Hope I can please some more people with this skin and please let me know if there are errors...
  5. Laurence Dusoswa

    Lega Corsa Mercedes DTM 12 Skin Pack 1.0

    Nice colourful race grid designed for www.legacorsa.com Ideal for a colourful race grid
  6. Laurence Dusoswa

    Shell Livery - Mercedes DTM C190 Evo2 2017-05-17

    Iconic Shell livery. Not based on a real livery, just something that i thought would look great. Features Old school period correct (somewhat) livery Dunlop tyres (they're normally michelin) Front and rear sun visors Seat belt Harnesses match OZ racing wheels PSD files included, although...
  7. Laurence Dusoswa

    Lega Corsa - Lotus Exos 125 Stage 1 - 12 skin pack 1.1

    Based on the Kunos skin which comes with the game. Feel free to use and edit provided you credit Kunos who did the hard work on the design. enjoy

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