1. Silverstone Will Be Retired From rFactor 2

    Silverstone Will Be Retired From rFactor 2

    This is unfortunate news for rFactor 2 fans. One of the iconic free tracks of the service will be retired from public access on Friday morning due to licensing problems. This news has been published on studio397 forums and apparently sounds like an expiring license problem. Original Silverstone...
  2. Hosenloser

    which license do we get when downloading skins?

    Unfortunately I have found absolutely nothing about any licenses or rights for the skins offered here. I don't want to panic, but with the current status, anyone who uses the skins could be warned by the authors. Hence my question: What rights do I get to the skins when I download them? Right...
  3. JereAnnala

    VAR-45 Licenseplate for Satsuma 1.0

    This is a texture to Satsuma´s licenseplate. White (Original finnish licenseplate) Black (Finnish museum licenseplate) VAR-45 (VARAS) = Thief Installation: -Open Unity Assets Explorer -Press "Open assets-file", Choose Shaderassets2.assets -Find " shaderassets2/reg_plate3.tex -Right click, and...
  4. scrpiit

    Norwegian Texture Pack w/ authentic textures 3.1

    More textures are in production. Suggest more in the comments. How to install: [Credits: R0CK3R; for the video]
  5. leobaruk1313

    Delete active license

    Hi... I have a license of BTB Pro active but I have to change my motherboard and format my PC... how can I delete the active license to upload a new license? Thanks all!!
  6. V

    Finnish License Plate Pack 1.0

    The Finnish License Plate Pack, simple. The whole idea for this pack was to get clean real life looking Finnish license plates, and its here now. Installation: Get UAE 1.5 here: Make a folder called anything you want, and put...
  7. Phoenix77

    California License Plates 1.0

    32 California License Plates (for 4:1 ratio) (80's Style) 15 standard plates, 17 Personalised plates As has been mentioned in a review (see below) These are not the correct US shape license plate.. There is no way round this... Unless you want to extract all Kunos cars kn5's and alter the...

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