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  1. Chottue

    turbo brick (group 4) - Swedish Classics GP 1

    This is a "Speed Zebra" livery from Swedish Classics GP for turbo brick (group 4). Thank you so much Toucan for taking some pictures for me! :inlove: Steam\steamapps\common\artofrally\artofrally_Data\StreamingAssets\Liveries\group 4\turbo brick
  2. krzysiekwar

    NFS Most Wanted Night Version & GrassFX 0.4

    This mods adds visible light to Most Wanted conversion by Momodka so it is more drivable at night. Edit: I have also added GrassFX I simply managed to improve ext_config file by adding light spots to meshes and materials. It was possible due to high standard of original conversion by Momodka -...
  3. Tominator21

    2REAL - NFS Most Wanted Realistic Traffic Simulation 1.0.5

    Welcome to the new era of Assetto Corsa! 2REAL Traffic Mods are the first truely realistic traffic mods for Assetto Corsa, with massive traffic simulations up to 1000 cars with different speedzones and with cars stopping at intersections and traffic lights. 2REAL on Discord...
  4. krzysiekwar

    Tracks NFS Most Wanted AI traffic mod

    krzysiekwar submitted a new resource: NFS Most Wanted AI traffic mod v0.1 - Traffic mod for Momodka's conversion of NFSMW map. As for now, just part of Rosewood. Read more about this resource...
  5. krzysiekwar

    NFS Most Wanted AI traffic mod 0.81

    Now, my second attempt of making traffic mod is a bit more serious ;) This is AI traffic mod for Momodka's NFSMW conversion. You can find map at Discord: Project NFS Reborn. Manually drag files to your game location as shown on picture. Important: make sure you have csp-traffic-planner...
  6. Kline

    BMW M3 GTR - Need for Speed Most Wanted Livery 1.0

    The iconic Need for Speed Most Wanted livery for blackbolt2017's 2001 BMW M3 GTR. Hope you enjoy!
  7. aliex85

    BACC - Need For Speed (Better Arcade Chaser Camera) for CSP 1.1

    Here we are, the last but not least BACC Mod, inspired by Need For Speed (Underground 2). With this camera, you'll have all the crazy NFS movement with high sensation of speed. Here are some characteristics: dynamic FOV Acceleration/braking kick Lateral rotation horizontal and vertical shift...
  8. asapcarlos

    NFSMW Blacklist for Assetto Corsa 1.0

    FOLLOW THE INCLUDED README AND PDF OR YOU WILL NOT INSTALL CORRECTLY! With permission from NPanic97 and shadow118, it is my honor to present the *updated Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005) Blacklist for Assetto Corsa! Please rate this skin pack, and be sure to show the aforementioned creators...
  9. asapcarlos

    NFSMW (2005) Mia Skin for Mazda RX-8 Street-Spec 1.02

    For my very first racedepartment upload, I've decided to make a custom skin that originally debuted in Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005) and appears on Mia Townsend's Mazda RX-8. Note: This skin is meant to be used with Markos Kass & Guardrail Lover's Mazda RX-8 Street-Spec. Donations are...
  10. N

    Complete NFS:MW Blacklist For Assetto Corsa V1.0

    Had a huge nostalgia trip the last few days and loads of fun racing around the Shutoko night track. Ever wondered what NFSMW would have felt like with actual physics? Wonder no more. Some skins were made by me, others are available here and i will link them, thanks to the original author...
  11. Z

    Most Wanted BMW M3 GTR (MW Team) v2

    How could you have a BMW M3 GTR with this bodykit and not having the NFS Most Wanted vinyl? I don't know, but I was surprised when I couldn't find any, so I did it on my own. This mod creates a new team called "Most Wanted" so, are no car replacements. BMW M3 GTR Most Wanted on Nürburgring...
  12. ninman8

    NFS Most Wanted Livery - Assetto Corsa Skin for the BMW M3 E46 GTR 1.0

    This is a more realistic rendition of the default Need for Speed skin featured in the BMW M3 E46 GTR mod. Changes include: Retouched side art Totally repainted trunk lid and rear bumper Totally repainted front bumper Repainted rear fenders Added carbon fiber texture to the rear wing This skin...
  13. 0n3

    NFS Most Wanted | BMW 320i 1.0

    Donate : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HI! This is my own version of NFS MW Bmw! if you have any advice, let me know...
  14. shadow118

    Lada 2105 A2 Most Wanted 1.0

    I'm not really sure, what possessed me to make this, but I might as well share it :D
  15. StoRMiX43

    PDash - NFS Most Wanted 2005 HUD 2.0

    Feel free to donate to support my projects! (Donation link embedded to the image above!) _________________________________________________________ VIDEO PREVIEW (Big Thanks to A.B.G and SLAPTrain!) AT NIGHT AT DAY PREVIEW "You're the Most Wanted" !INSTALLATION! 1.To Install, simply drop...
  16. danymw

    BMW M3 GTR Most Wanted Livery Pack 1.0

    This livery was originally re-created by geonfsmw for BMW M3 GTR E46. (I know I have a diferent name of profile here, but I'm geonfsmw (geogtr, danymw and others name profiles on different sites). Sorry. Credits: EA for NFS MW game and awesome livery for the most iconic BMW M3 GTR. JDougNY and...

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