motogp 22

  1. L

    Max Biaggi 2001 (Late Season) 1.0

    This mod brings Max Biaggi's 2001 Marlboro Yamaha late season livery to MotoGP 22. The base game comes with the early season livery (Used from rounds 1 through 5), obviously non-tobacco. @Pau1234's excellent mod ( comes with the...
  2. Nabil Rafa

    New Honda RC213V 2023 1.0

    This mod was made by Rapatar (Me) & helped by Biker7202 Special thanks to @BIKER7202 for helping me converting this mod into the MotoGP 22:) • V.10 Mod Contains : - New model of Honda RC213V 2023 (85% Similar with the real life) - Base mod from 2022 RC213V Edited by me Bugs : - If you use...
  3. Zacky akbar

    Ducati Factory racing 2023 1.0

    Ducati Factory racing livery update
  4. adrian_melandri

    Aprilia Racing Team SBK 2012 (Custom Rider) 1.0

    This is a livery mod for Aprilia Racing Team custom rider (not custom team) based on the Aprilia Racing Team Superbike 2012 Livery. Features Bike Livery Included with clearcoat mask and specular textures Alpinestars New GP Tech v3 Dainese Mugello R D-Air Installation copy...
  5. MotoGP 22 Adds Cross-Play, But Not For Steam or Switch

    MotoGP 22 Adds Cross-Play, But Not For Steam or Switch

    In the most recent patch of MotoGP 22, Milestone added new content as well as a great way to bring different consoles and PC together. Unfortunately, cross-play is unavailable on the game's Steam and Switch editions. New Content: MotoE Finally, the MotoE class of the MotoGP paddock is now...
  6. DoughertyJames

    Gauloises Yamaha 2004 Valentino Rossi Custom Rider Package 1.0

    The 2004 Gauloises Yamaha Factory Team Valentino Rossi livery and suit package for MotoGP 22, replacing the WithU RNF Team for your custom rider! This is V1.0 so won't be perfect. I will update the mod based off of demand/downloads. If you like my mod, the best way to support me is via my...
  7. DoughertyJames

    Snoop Dogg TimeForTwenty American Racing Moto2 Custom Rider 1.0

    On the of 20th April, Snoop Dogg signs a deal with John Hopkins to partner up for a Moto2 team effort for the rest of the 2022 campaign! TimeForTwenty American Racing is born ;)
  8. DoughertyJames

    Sam Lowes 2015 Beta Tools Speed Up Moto2 Custom Rider 1.0

    Sam Lowes 2015 Livery Speed Up Team Package for Career and Custom Rider. This rider will replace MG Conveyors Speed Up Team in your custom rider and career mode livery. The helmet you are free to choose as well as the rider buttpatch, this is just a bike and suits pack. Enjoy
  9. DoughertyJames

    Gresini Racing 2012 Ducati Custom Rider / Career Package 1.1

    V1.1: Blank race number replaces VR46 so you can use any number you wish, small livery tweaks, Alpinestars suit added With this mod you are able to race as with a 2012 inspired Ducati livery in career mode and custom rider, this is a suit and livery package to replace the original Gresini...
  10. DoughertyJames

    RW Racing GP Moto2 2022 Livery 1.2

    This mod in v1.2 is now updated to include both 2022 liveries of the RW Racing GP Moto2 Kalex Team for MotoGP 22 as ridden by Barry Baltus and Zonta van Goorbergh. The official Moto2 liveries are not released for several weeks yet from Milestone so here is an early 2022 livery! I also have a...
  11. nnutlucasia

    NEW! Aprilia RS-GP - SC PROJECT 1.0

    New exhaust sc project laest - black slip-on and color full titanium enjoy :thumbsup: in game :
  12. nnutlucasia

    Dainese All pack Metal Material [Texture mod] 1.0

    All pack Dainese gloves,shoes,suit Metal Material [Texture mod] every team suit in class motogp - suit Dainese (only custom player no official rider) - gloves - boots - shoes ENJOY (only custom player no official rider) shoes & gloves
  13. nnutlucasia


    DAINESE (FIX) TERTURE this mod can edit color in game anycolor you want and have a detail material boots must to be it enjoy editor color :
  14. MotoGP 22 Trailer Previews Tutorials and Training

    MotoGP 22 Trailer Previews Tutorials and Training

    The latest trailer for MotoGP 22 offers a look at the tutorials and training resources for the upcoming motorbike racing title. For anyone who has tried to apply car racing strategy to motorbike racing 1:1, you've quickly realized that not everything translates between the two disciplines. To...

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