1. Chris Beeves

    Motorcycle steering approach

    Hey there people! I'm something of a wallflower in here, but thought I'd share a little bit of what I am working on. It's a steering approach on bike sims focusing on countersteering and realistic physics based feedback. (I temporarily mapped the throttle to the rear brake pedal to be able to...
  2. Motorcycle Gaming Hardware is Coming?!

    Motorcycle Gaming Hardware is Coming?!

    While motorcycle gamers have been waiting for many years to graduate from gamepads, a solution is finally on the horizon. It is called the emotostick. This piece of equipment is a versatile, bendable and flexible stick that aims to allow the virtual rider as realistic movement as possible. The...
  3. Are You Interested in Motorcycle Racing Games/Sims?

    Are You Interested in Motorcycle Racing Games/Sims?

    Racing on 2 wheels can be so very exciting. The several international motorcycle racing series prove that season over season. Yet, motorcycle games haven't really taken the sim racing field. So, what do you think about motorcycle racing games? Now, I admit, calling most motorcycle games out...
  4. Lavalamp641

    Oran Park LiDAR 1.2

    Custom Shaders Patch highly recommended. It will work without, but you will not get the night lighting, GrassFX etc. RainFX is currently only available from Ilja Jusupov aka x4ab's Patreon. To install, copy the "content" and "extension" folder to the root of your "assettocorsa" folder...
  5. Isaac Chavira

    [MOTO-DIRECT DRIVE] Mock-up in progress for Motorcycle SIM Peripheral

    Hello, It appears that we bikers get ZERO love. I've been sick and can't do any voice acting. So, I thought I'd do a fantasy mock up of what a desktop Moto-SIM peripheral would be. Before anyone starts in on me, I realize that you cannot accurately simulate motorcycle movements with just a...
  6. LuisTaco47

    Red and White Jonnez ES skin 0.1

    To install this skin you just have to extract it from the rar file into the "images" folder. Please don't rename it, it will only work if the skin is called "jonnez.png". :)
  7. Matthew327

    A Motorcycle Race on the Nordschleife

    I recently started rewatching some old footage of motorcycle Grand Prix races from the 1970s and I couldn't help but wonder - is it thinkable that professional road racing one day returns to the Nordschleife? The arguments against it are absolutely understandable. The Nordschleife is among the...

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