moza r9

  1. A

    Moza R5 Bundle or R9 custom build (AC & iRacing)

    I very recently bought a Thrustmaster T248 and I don't like it at all. It feels like a plastic toy for adults and I'm sending it back to the shop. The pedals don't feel natural at all, their angle of travel is off and the wheel is everything but smooth, especially when travelling straight. I...
  2. D

    Sell [EU] Selling - MOZA R9 V2 + CS Wheel + Fanatec CSL V2 Elite + Accessories

  3. Dave Grant

    BMW M4 GT3 - PREDATOR 1.0

    BMW M4 GT3 - PREDATOR Feel free to use any of my skins. They are made just for fun for everyone to use. Happy SimRacing.
  4. IsaacClh

    Sell Exchange a Fanatec CSL DD with Moza R9

    UK only Hi, I am posting to ask if anyone is interested in exchanging the Fanatec CSL DD with my Moza R9. The R9 has only been used for a month and a few days more. 100% perfect condition. No box however. The difference in prices can be discussed. I know this in kinda funny but, please if...

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