myteam mod

  1. W

    F1 23 Manor Team Logo 1.0

    It's my first ever (kinda) mod. I couldn't quite get the colors exactly right but I think I got pretty close (see pictures for info). Inspired by Tom Designs Manor My Team package.
  2. Mr H 45

    MyTeam Championship 2022 0.2

    Fictive category, fictive teams, but real drivers from F1, NASCAR, IndyCar, and WEC! YouTube Website Car Livery Photos
  3. mkramer0820

    Career - Play as Guenther Steiner 0.1

    Ever wish you could play as this Foking legend? If so, now you can. If not, then pass. MyTeam / Career Face Swap. It replaces Jarno Opmeer in the myteam/career mode with the legend Guenther Steiner himself. Other principal face swaps found --> here Livery 1 can be found --> here FOM CAR SWAP...
  4. samideluxe

    MASERATI F1 Team package (MyTeam) Added Maserati team emblem (1.0)

    Maserati F1 Team new season 2021. Welcome to my new Maserati livery update. For this year I made a new livery and added a driversuit with a cap, gloves and shoes, helmet and a pitcrew suit with helmet. Now contains a blank icon so you can hide the standard team icon (the game doesn't let us...
  5. renjiro2020

    Tag Heuer Porsche MyTeam | spood 1.1

    Inspired and based off the in real life Porsche Formula E team, i present you Tag Heuer Porsche What's included in this mod? BACKUP YOUR GAME FILES BEFORE INSTALLING MY MOD! Installation : To install, open "Copy and Paste" folder and copy the files/folders inside Then go to c:/Program...

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