1. DavidDGA

    2005 FIA GT Championship - GT2 Skinpack 1.0

    Here is, finally, the GT2 category that ran in 2005 FIA GT Championship for RSS GTN Pack Many months after GT1 skinpack was released, so basically I was forced to make the rest of the grid. There are just a few contenders who ran the whole season, but I decided to make all of them, which make a...
  2. C

    Late 90s / early 00s Tire Pack 1.2

    Nothing special, just a set of tire textures compatible with the very popular GT and prototype mods from RSS and VRC. Features most of the brands in use at the time. I've put some research into this, but not nearly enough to claim it's accurate! How to install: simply drag and drop the...
  3. A

    Ferrari 360 Modena N-GT JMB Racing Spa24h 2.0

    That skin raced the Spa 24H race in the 2001. I have tried to recreate as acurately as I could with the rss skin as a base. If anyone wants to improve the skin, I could sent him the psd files. If you liked the first version of the skin you could still downloading it (There are 2 different skins...
  4. bumblebeetuna

    2005 VLN Porsche skin pack 1.1

    Following up from my 2005 alzen turbo skin, here's some more Porsche skins for the 2005 VLN season #96 Land Motorsport #105 Steam-Racing #109 Steam-Racing #111 Manthey Racing #115 Mamerow Racing #136 Inter Racing
  5. chrisi2174

    RSS Ferruccio 36 / Ferrari 360 NGT Skinpack FIA GT 2003 1.04

    PayPal.Me in v1.04 +MasterCarTeam(71) and other little things ...overwrites my old files!! Override my old versions !!! Porsche 996 NGT 2003 Skinpack here Here are the last two teams from the FIA GT 2003/Ferrari 360 by susanthedeath2 2003 FIA GT Maranello Concessionaires by susanthedeath2 here...
  6. Julio Cezar Kronbauer

    RSS GT-N UI Real Names FIA GT Brand 2.0

    The files compressed in this package modify the RSS GT-N mod by Race Sim Studio by grouping the cars under a new badge called FIA GT Championship. HOW TO INSTALL: Extract the zip file contents to your Assetto Corsa installation directory (defaults to...

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