1. Martinez_4313

    2023 Falken Tyres Motorsport N24H and NLS skin pack 1.0

    Firstly this is a collaboration with Mediiza, that made spetacular tyres just for these cars #3 NLS driven by Sven Müller, Alessio Picariello: #4 NLS driven by Tim Heinemann, Nico Menzel: #33 N24H driven by Klaus Bachler, Sven Müller, Alessio Picariello: #44 N24H driven by Joel Eriksson, Tim...
  2. Martinez_4313

    2023 Scherer Phoenix Sport Pack 1.1

    Tyres by MEDIIZA CSP Addons by finnbot This pack only contains only the blue cars run by scherer sport during 2023 across 3 different series: #5 and #16 run in NLS races: #5 and #16 run in the 24 Hours of Nurburgring: #17 GT World Challenge Europe 24 Horurs of Spa *made for the...
  3. Cerberus1412

    '23 #36 & #100 Walkenhorst Motorsport NLS & 24 Hours of Nürburgring | URD Bayro 4 GT3 | BMW M4 GT3 | 1.0

    Presenting the #36 & 100 Walkenhorst Motorsport BMW M4 GT3 from the 2023 NLS Season & 24 Hours of Nürburgring The livery is meant to be used with the URD Bayro 4 GT3. You can get it here. This skin has multiple extension files, achieving a more accurate livery, so CSP is recommended...
  4. NoAim187

    #25 NLS 1 2023 Huber Motorsport 1.01

    Huber Motorsport NLS 1 2023 Skin. Drivers: Joachim Thyssen, Come Ledogar, Dennis Fetzer NLS1 Version: Yellow Headlight Yellow Light Signature Red rim design NLS 1 Sponsores NLS Banner Check out my Patreon for more skins and to wish future Skins :)
  5. Martinez_4313

    2023 Manthey EMA Porsche 992 GT3R Pack 2.0

    So, I launched pretty much every version until now sepparetely, but, after a lot of reworking and time spent revising stuff, I finally got what I wanted, and instead of releasing everything as an update, why not a whole pack? Huge props to Mediiza for helping me a lot with config, colour...
  6. finnbot

    2023 Haupt Racing Team Bilstein Skinpack 1

    2023 HRT Bilstein Skinpack N24H #6 NLS #8 DTM #4 Includes: N24H Version (Standard & Dirty) NLS Version (based on NLS2) DTM (based on Norisring Round) N24H NLS DTM Thanks to everyone who helped with the completion of this project! @Chem-Flummi - Mercedes Extension @MEDIIZA Designs -...
  7. Martinez_4313

    2023 24 Hours of Nurburgring and NLS Manthey EMA pack 1.0

    I said they were going to arrive at some moment, and here they are, Grello in it's most famous events driven by Michael Christensen, Kévin Estre, Frédéric Makowiecki and Thomas Preining Huge thanks to Bonny for helping and dealing with my stupidity regarding config, and most importantly making...
  8. custom_ac_liveries

    porsche_992_gt3_r_Rutronik_Racing_2023 V.1.0

    Hello everone, this is the new 24h of Nürburgring 2023 livery from Team Rutronik Racing for the new Porsche 992 GT3 R from First Studio Racing. Hope you enjoy it. Have a nice day Julius
  9. MEDIIZA Designs

    2023 N24h Frikadelli Racing Team Pack I 4k V.1

    As always it does come with driver and crew + 3 different Versions, that all raced on the real track! Have fun racing guys! On Track IMPORTANT This is a Skinpack for the CF Ferrari. You will find the Car mod on many AC Discords and soon on his own webside! Big thanks to @Chem-Flummi for...
  10. custom_ac_liveries

    porsche_992_gt3_r_Falken_Motorsport_2023 V.1.2.

    Hello everone, this is the new 24h of Nürburgring 2023 livery from Team Falken Motorsport for the new Porsche 992 GT3 R from First Studio Racing. Hope you enjoy it. Have a nice day Julius
  11. Martinez_4313

    2023 NLS Scherer Sport Audi Pack 2.0

    Both the Audis run by the Scherer Sport By Phoenix team: #5 #16 Some studio pics: *Adapted to the FSR Audi R8 LMS GT3 EVO II, pics might differ from the ones you get ingame
  12. finnbot

    2023 NLS 1 Skinpack 1

    2023 NLS 1 Skinpack Includes: - CP RACING #45 - SCHNITZEL ALM RACING #11 - HRT BILSTEIN #8 - BLACK FALCON RACING #102 - FRIKADELLI RACING #111 More Photos Enjoy : )
  13. AlexLiveryHouse

    2023 NLS Haupt Racing Team Merbag 1.0

    Hey! here i am again with a other skin i had in the making over the last time the #6 HRT (Merbag) AMG Car: bm_amg_evo_gt3_2020_sprint Tried my best as always to be accurate. I hope you will enjoy it! See ya!

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