1. Andreas Knöpke

    Nords: which car 1st & why!

    Simple as can be: Wots ya car of choice that u r gonna hit Nords wiv 1st and why? Shoot! :D
  2. bart99p

    Nordschleife replay cam 1.1

    Replay cam created for Camtool 2 app - you have to use it for cameras to work (install Camtool 2 here: Replay available for standard and tourist Nordschleife layouts (both basically the same). Now also available for snow version by...
  3. RasmusP

    Nordschleife Guide

    Hey guys, since over 2 years I wanted to create a little guide for the Nordschleife but could never be bothered to actually do it. Now I copy+pasted all my posts I wrote about this track and finally created two videos about this awesome track. Here we go :) Changelog, so you know if there's...

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