pit crew

  1. Ssayris

    #63 Lamborghini Squadra Corse Iron Lynx Pit Crew WEC 1.2

    Custom Pit crew/Pit Accesories Skin for the WEC Lamborghini Iron Lynx #63. V1.1 Highly Recommend using @Akrapovic 's Fun Skin Pack.
  2. TheCameraGuy

    2023 FIA WEC Ferrari AF Corse Driver + Pitcrew Kits (ACSPRH) 1.0

    Here is a full complement of driver, pitcrew and accessories only in 2k for the AF Corse Ferrari team currently competing in the 2023 FIA WEC season hyper car class. Note: This DOES NOT INCLUDE car skins. You can get them separately here (Many thanks to @Theofilos for his amazing work)...
  3. Spudknuckles

    Retro overalls for your pit crew 1.2

    With Goodwood Revival weekend fast approaching, it's time to get your pit crew looking their best, and looking the part. Adored by the dandies and mechanics alike, the official Goodwood overalls have become an indispensable bit of kit for those that want to join in the celebrations. Your pit...
  4. mkramer0820

    [Modular Mod] - Full Team Package Addon - Part 1 1.4

    important: you must have modular mod base files *****FIRST****) ****Install this first or the mod will not work***** https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/modular-mods-2022-base-files-required.52484/ As of 1.4 these use the base file assetgroup. Please do not use the old version with this...
  5. Whirey

    Tracks Pitstop man showing inverted textures on custom map

    Hello, fairly new to modding and creating custom Assetto Corsa maps. Ive come a cross a pretty annoying problem that I couldn't fix. Ive trierd so many things and it just hasn't worked. Everything is scaled properly and everything is rotated properly but for some reason the Main pit stop guy...
  6. enkay74

    F1 2021 driver and pit crews for all teams 1.0

    This pack contains files for all 10 teams / 20 drivers for the 2021 season: Driver suits & gloves Pit crew suits, gloves and helmets Pit areas Livery icons Skin creators can feel free to package the files for download here with skins if you wish, just give me a mention please! I used the...
  7. XIV

    XIV - Assistant (archive) 1.3

    All my overlays have been merged in a version 2.0 here : https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/xiv-overlays.49078/ What is it ? It's a Simhub overlay that assists you in realtime during a race with refuel. It provides usefull information about the race progression and helps you to define...
  8. R

    Race Suit/Pit Gantry for Porsche 99X Hybrid 1.0

    This is a pit crew suit and pit gantry for your Porsche MyTeam, for the Porsche99X Hybrid Skin by Racing_Legend_420. myteam_pitcrew_d was made using the textures that Racing_Legend_420 had provided in update 3.0. All credit to him on those. For the pitcrew suits to work correctly, YOUR THIRD...
  9. HenryStrife

    No 3D pit crew 2018-04-04

    Remove those nice pit crew guys!!! Street racing 4 life
  10. Viruz_Pro

    Williams Martini Racing - Formula RSS 2 1.1

    The Livery was inspired by Sean Bull's Concept Art for the 2017 Formula 1 Car This Skin Pack includes: 4K Version of the Skin 3 Variations of the Skin: Lance Stroll #18, Sergei Sirotkin #41, Blank Livery Customized Pit Crew Pirelli Tyres Williams Logo on the Wheel This is definitely not a...

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