porsche 911 991.2 gt3 r 2019

  1. P

    Proton Competition #16 WEC/ELMS V1.1

    Proton Competition #16 competing in WEC & ELMS 2023 - possibly other competitions (IMSA perhaps). The car is driven by Ryan Hardwick, Zach Robichon & Harry Tincknell. I tried to be as faithful as possible with some artistic licence given the Porsche model in ACC is not identical to the car...
  2. P

    Proton Competition #77 Le Mans 2022 livery V1.2

    Proton Competition #77 Le Mans 2022 livery. The car was driven by Christian Ried, Sebastian Priaulx & Harry Tincknell finishing P47. I tried to be as faithful as possible with some artistic licence given the Porsche model in ACC is not identical to the car driven IRL - some logos had to be...
  3. P

    Proton Competition #93 Le Mans 2022 Livery 1.1

    Proton Competition #93 Le Mans 2022 livery as seen in Porsche's "Road to Le Mans" documentary series. The car was driven by Michael Fassbender, Zach Robichon & Matt Campbell finishing P51. I love this livery and decided to create it for ACC. It's been done before by others but I wanted to...
  4. Martinez_4313

    2023 Bathurst 12 Hours Porsche GT3r pack 1.5

    Here is my take on both porsches that entered the 2023 edition of the Bathurst 12 Hours, one with a somewhat of a good result and the other... we don't need to talk about it: Also, huge thanks to Mediiza and Fundee for the huge help with these two #912 EMA Manthey driven by Matt Campbell...
  5. CaddyDPi

    Bathurst 12 Hours 2023 - Manthey EMA #912 V1.0

    #912 Manthey EMA - 2023 Liqui Moly Bathurst 12 Hours Recreational livery for crsh's conversion of the Porsche 911 (991) GT3.R in Endurance specs. Massive thanks to @Balwerk and @JohnDoeGermany for letting me use their Manthey liveries as references for this creation. Important: The use of...
  6. M

    2023 AO Racing 24h Daytona v1.0

    Another quick livery made for the Crash Porsche of the AO Racing's GTD entry for the 24h of Daytona. I still need to add the driver names to the car but will do that once I figure out what this font is. Should also be updating the rear of the car once more photos of it come out.
  7. CaddyDPi

    DTM 2022 - KÜS Team74 Bernhard #24 V0.9

    Presenting the #24 KÜS Team74 Bernhard entry from the 2022 DTM season A commission from @creativehighway who also very kindly allowed me to share the skin to the public :) Compatible with the sprint version of crash's Porsche 911 GT3.R or theoretically any model coming from the same...
  8. Tom79Simracing

    DTM 2022 KÜS TEAM BERNHARD #24 Porsche 991.2 2.0

    DTM Skin for Porsche 991.2 *Made for the crash 991.2 GT3r Hello, finally the new version 2.0 of the painting is ready, with the right pattern and stickers. a driver is also included. The paintwork is matte except for what is red, which should be glossy. unfortunately there were several changes...
  9. Martinez_4313

    2022 IMSA GTD Porsche GT3r Pack 0.5

    Decided to make of the 2022 IMSA championship porsches, unfortunately I coulnd't make all of them... YET, the rest will come later, for now, most of them, those being: #2 KCMG that was driven by Laurens Vanthoor, Patrick Pilet, Dennis Olsen and Alexandre Imperatori #9 Pfaff motorsport driven...
  10. J Andrews

    Jägermeister Porsche 1.0

    My personal take on a Jägermeister livery for the Porsche 991 II GT3 R based on the classic livery of the Porsche 934.
  11. XilefHD

    STIWA Racing N24H - Porsche 911 GT3R 1.0

    Two fantasy entries of STIWA Racing. #23 #32 Numberplate by @formulaHEINE : https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/adac-totalenergies-24h-race-2022-numberplate.51311/
  12. Martinez_4313

    2022 NLS and N24H qualifying Porsche GT3R complete pack 2.0

    My patreon can be found here for comissions and donations. Also dowload TheNuvolari's driver pack for a better expirience Decided to make some Porsche 911 GT3Rs that entered the 2022 editions of NLS and the 24 Hours of Nurburgring, in this pack you are going to find 4 porsches containing each...
  13. Acura 12 Laps of Long Beach

    Acura 12 Laps of Long Beach

    Twelve laps of the upcoming IMSA Long Beach race! Mods listed in YouTube video description!
  14. 2022 Daytona Roar B4 The 24

    2022 Daytona Roar B4 The 24

    A Celebration of the upcoming 24 Hours of Daytona! Please visit YouTube page for a full list of the mods used in this video!! Will be making another one as the fantastic skins for this year's Daytona 24 hour race keep rolling out!! Thanks!!

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