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    Subscription/Membership Missing - Not a Good Start

    The website was forcing me to pay for a subscription, which I was going to do anyway before creating an account. Paid, finished setting up my account, it looped me back to your membership section and did NOT create my account. Now I have a payment made that is not able to be linked to my...
  2. alpcikk

    I can't be a Premium Member

    I live in Turkey and Turkey banned Paypal in 2016. So I can't buy premium, there is a pay without Paypal account option in Paypal yes but there is no Turkey in country section so I can't be a member. And I don't know anyone who can buy me a one then i send them the money. what now?
  3. Apprehensive about racing online? Now's your chance

    Apprehensive about racing online? Now's your chance

    Racing online can be daunting, you may feel more comfortable racing against AI or simply time trialing - but what if we told you that you can race online safe from any abuse in a friendly and accommodating environment. Sounds good? Read on. For a while now, approximately a dozen premium members...
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    VRC Formula NA Released (Paid): Premium Member Discount Available!

    The VRC Modding Team have released the much anticipated Formula NA for Assetto Corsa - with discounts available for RaceDepartment Premium members! Including two unique high performance open wheel racing cars from two very different eras of the sport and a high quality track, with a 2018...
  5. Grand Tourist

    Premium gift Account

    Hi all, I would like to gift a Premium account to someone. How can I do that or is this not possible yet? Thx for any kind of help / advice. Sunny
  6. Paul Jeffrey

    RaceDepartment Black Friday Sale All Weekend + Cyber Monday

    Struggling for the perfect Christmas gift for a loved one? Wanting to get more involved in sim racing but don't know how? Fancy joining in a bunch of epic League and Club Racing events all under one roof? Well you are in luck! RaceDepartment are running a very special Black Friday discount this...

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