race 07 track

  1. _ST1G_

    Laguna Seca USA 1.0

    Hi! Next track for my old polish collection! This track isn't my, I downloaded it many time ago. All working fine, AI is very strong in all weather condition. Good luck on track :D
  2. _ST1G_

    Road America USA 1.0

    Hi! Another track for my big colection. This track is not my, I downloaded track time ago. All works fine. AI is very strong See you later with another track for my poland collection <3
  3. _ST1G_

    Norisring 1.0

    Hi! I found this track many time ago, (this is not my mod , but this track is very hard to found so I upload this). Track working very good. AI is hard and agresive Best Wishes from Poland :D
  4. abrimaal

    Virginia 202210

    I had a version for GTR 2 done in 2006 by Tantra, then I downloaded a reworked version by John Allen, in 2022. Because both version used the same filenames, I renamed the new version to Virginia 2022 and the old to Virginia 2006. To make them different visually, each variant uses different ads...
  5. abrimaal

    Veschova 202303

    Veschova 2022 by Abrimaal for GTR2, GTR Evo and Race 07 Installation: Copy the subfolder Veschova to GameData\Locations Copy .trk file for GTR2 or Race07 to GameData\Locations\Veschova It may crash. It may not start or hang the game, but this is the worst scenario. This track is a long-term...

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