rb16b sound mod

  1. Ty_playz

    Red Bull/Honda Power Unit 2021 Sound Mod/s V4.0

    AT02 AND RB16B SOUND MOD! INSTALLATION PROCESS: Using it on a car not mentioned! 1. Drag and drop the 2 files found in the sfx folder in either the RSS FH22 or the VRC FA22 into the desired car's sfx folder. 2. Left click the .BANK file that's ALREADY IN the folder and select "RENAME". 3...
  2. iLumi02

    Assetto Corsa Red Bull RB16B Honda Sound Mod for RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 1.0

    Following the relatively succesful release of my RB18 sound mod, here is my RB16B sound mod! I realize that I might be late to this one, but as I have spent quite a lot of time on it and I'm very happy with how it turned out, I've decided to release it anyways. Just like the RB18, this has both...

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