1. Vurbenko

    RSS LMGT Nisumo R39 V8 — NISMO Customer Racing [Semi-fictional] 1.0

    Welcome, This is a semi-fictional take on a NISMO Customer Racing livery for the RSS LMGT Nisumo R39 V8. It was interesting to take a real livery—in this case, from the 2018-spec Nissan GTR NISMO GT3—and apply it to an older design of the same manufacturer. I hope you enjoy this second...
  2. Sektor224

    1998 Nissan Motorsport - Test Pack 1.0

    I think we all like to see racing cars without so many decals, sometimes that's how they look best and that's why I wanted to make test skins. I hope you like it and I will also start making more of these test skins for other cars.

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What is the reason for your passion for sim racing?

  • Watching real motorsport

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  • Physics and mechanics

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  • Competition and adrenaline

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  • Practice for real racing

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  • Community and simracers

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