1. Shejdy

    Worst save ever. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 1.2

    Saved at shop.Satsuma don't have front bumper (bumper is at Shop too.) Some beer is at Jokke's aparment.Satsuma have Metallic Red colour with metallic black Hayosiko wheels(with Satasiko tires),Fiberglass hood and Spoiler. Other stuff is at home,Van,Gifu,Kekmet,Ruscko are at home. At home you...
  2. U

    Rat shitsuma 2018-02-19

    Hi there ! If u wanna use this save u need this mod : lifter shitsuma have factory (rusty) paint. shitsuma setup : rally suspension, tuned engine ( carburator and cylinder ) all whell has been purshached ( no have tire ) . Roll cage installed. The shitsuma is rally ready.

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