1. Feike007

    Alfa Romeo Sauber 1.1

    Alfa Romeo Sauber What if Alfa Romeo stayed with Sauber as a title partners but at a little lesser scale than before? This is my concept of how their 2024 livery could've looked, with the interpretation of some of their older sponsors from their early days as partners. What does this mod...
  2. bikuto_

    C44 |The Stake F1 Team KICK Sauber | Formula RSS Supreme 1.0

    Please consider to buy me a coffe for more Liveries on the top link:thumbsup:. C44 The Stake F1 Team KICK Sauber Here It is the Sauber 2024 adapted to the Formula RSS Supreme. This pack includes: C44 #77 Valtteri Bottas C44 #24 Guanyu Zhou To install drag and drop into content manager or...
  3. thejqka

    Sauber C44 - Stake/Kick F1 - Redesign - RSS Formula Hybrid 2023 1.2

    ADDED A VERSION WITH CORRECT STAKE LOGOS! Hey There! To me the new C44 livery is a big letdown from what coul have been. So I decided to give it a go myself. So I present to you my Redesign of the new Stake/Kick F1 Team, leaning more heavily into the attitude the team wanted to give of at...
  4. I drove the new 2024 Haas F1 car | Assetto Corsa

    I drove the new 2024 Haas F1 car | Assetto Corsa

    Nickelodeon Slime F1 car?!―Instagram:―Like, Subscribe and hit that bell!
  5. shadow118

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2023 Sauber C44 Livery 1.1

    Stake Sauber C44 livery for RSS Formula Hybrid 2023
  6. adrian pozuelo ruiz

    Kick Sauber F1 Team | 2024 Concept 1.1

    This is my version of 2024 Kick Stake Sauber Romeo (or whatever they've call this team:roflmao:) rebranding and possible colour scheme. Just extract .rar content where "F1 23" folder is placed and replace all files named. Driver suits and maybe team package will be included in future updates.
  7. Feike007

    Stake F1 Team Concept 1.1

    | Stake F1 Team| With the news of Sauber becoming Stake F1 Team I made a quick concept of what it may look like. This mod replaces Alfa Romeo. | Credits| Please don't copy, reupload, modify or reproduce my mods without my permission. | How to Install? | Just drag the "F1 23" Folder into your...

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