1. S

    How to get tire sidewall shiny

    Is there any way to make the sidewall of my cars look like they're newly washed and shined? I can only get that effect when I set the weather to wet and it also makes the car wet (even though there's no rain amount, unrealistic splashes on the car). Any mods or extensions out there that will do...
  2. Djadania

    Looking for games with AI only championships

    Hello everyone! I'm just curious if anyone knows any games with AI only championships next to Assetto Corsa, Grand Prix 4, IRacing, and Ultimate Racing 2D 2. Just looking for alternatives to these 4, as these are fine, but i just want to make sure that there are not any better. Preferably...
  3. Dailydriver

    3D modeling practice

    I could use some feedback, I can't release this mod unfortunately, it turns out the cars from modbase have some ripped models... but i am working on topology and use of modifiers in blender, and the extra goodies in the car i've added/modeled are nicely done but I feel they could be better...
  4. What Would You Like to See in Assetto Corsa 2?

    What Would You Like to See in Assetto Corsa 2?

    We're still years away from the release of Assetto Corsa 2, but we've started a (suggestions) forum here at RaceDepartment for you to share and support ideas for the upcoming sim. During Kunos' big summer announcement of the Gen 9 console port of Assetto Corsa Competizione, there were vague but...
  5. PiotrGT

    Sorting bookmarks

    I love the bookmarks feature, I was able to put all my favourite mods, categorize them and essentially have my personalized download section. What would make it even better would be the ability to sort those bookmarks like you can do in the download section (by title, date etc.). Would it be...
  6. B

    Best place to sell sim equipment

    Where’s the best place to sell off some un-used sim racing equipment? I was looking at the selling forum on here but looks like I need to be a premium member. But as I’m such a new member and I have some high valued items I thought I’d asked what would be my best options ? I’ve started to list...
  7. Ixus94

    Should i change my wheel?

    Hi guys, that's my first post. It's been about three years that i own a DFGT from Logitech. I'm thinking to switch to a wheel with an h shifter and clutch pedal too. I don't wanna spend a lot, do you have any suggestions? I was thinking to sell my DFGT and get an used G27. I'm actually really...

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