1. MJQT

    FIXED Road to Indy 2020 - USF2000 V1fix

    This is an updated version of Crivitz Chris's 2020 USF2000 mod. There were oddities in the liveries and opponent selection, which I've fixed in this upload.
  2. My iRacing Journey - Part Two: D-Class License

    My iRacing Journey - Part Two: D-Class License

    iRacing is regarded as the gold standard for competitive sim racing. No other simulation features a comparable, dedicated multiplayer system that treats the races like real events. RaceDepartment writer Yannik Haustein is taking his first, long-overdue steps in the sim now and takes you along...
  3. edwdecastro

    [Tatuus Livery] Cooper Tires USF2000 Powered by Mazda 1.0

    Install _____________________ unzip the "tatuus_usf2000" folder on: steamapps > common > assettocorsa > content > car > tatuusfa1 > skin (unzip and place the folder, not only the content) If you like, please make a donation! :cry...
  4. Joseph Wright

    TOCA British USF2000 Championship S7 0.8

    **Please leave a rate on the download** The skin pack includes a .rfcmp file which will allow you to find the custom cars under: "British USF2000 Cup, 2024, Team Name". Or you can add the skin to a normal USF2000 car so that you can race it online. This can be downloaded via the external link...
  5. erosshd

    USF2000 | McLaren 2018 F1 1

    Hi guys, I just made the McLaren Renault livery for the USF2000. To install simply drag the files from the .zip to "rFactor 2\UserData\player\Settings\USF2000_2016" If you find any type of fault just tell me =D
  6. Steve Worrell

    USF2000 Alternate skin 1.01

    Hi there. Back again with another skin for rf2. This time its for the USF2000 series. Feedback welcome. Thanks, Vern
  7. Paul Jeffrey

    USF 2000 Released for rFactor 2

    Studio 397 have released their first new content since taking over the development reigns with rFactor 2, today releasing the USF2000 open wheeler complete with all the teams and drivers from the 2016 season. Built and tested in conjunction with a number of real world teams and drivers from...
  8. Paul Jeffrey

    rFactor 2: November Development Roadmap

    Studio 397, the new developers of rFactor 2, have revealed their second monthly 'Development Roadmap' instalment for the simulation and have shed further light on the future plans of the sim, details on a move towards more paid 3rd Party content and a release date for the USF2000 series pictured...

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