vintage car

  1. Yggdrasil92

    Tomei Racing Toyota Supra GT4 Nr. 84 1.0

    Tomei Racing Toyota Supra GT4 in (2 and 4k) Important: Its not allowd to post this ressource elswhere without my premission.
  2. Nicecuppatea

    Bugatti type 32 1.2

    This is still a bit of a WIP but I feel like I could go on tinkering and polishing for months so here it is. It's drive-able and the model is mostly complete so I thought I'd release it for anyone who shares my fascination with this era. Physics are largely guesswork, partly through lack of...
  3. jurik1984

    KS-76 0.9.9

    Soviet vintage karting from 1976. Produced by Patriot from Leningrad (St. Petersburg) for the USSR national team for the international championship of Eastern Europe. This car is prepared for national class Union A (Soyuzny A) and Union B (Soyuzny B) of Soviet Union and for International class...

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