walter wolf

  1. MrWaflz55

    Wolf GB08 Thunder - 4 Skin Pack Final

    A small skin pack for the Wolf GB08 Thunder sports prototype racing car in Assetto Corsa. A mod that really needed some skins. If you don't have it, the required mod can easily be found on Assetto World by typing "Wolf" in the search. Thanks for downloading, please enjoy. #0 - Team Kicker...
  2. Nico

    Lamborghini Countach - Walter Wolf 4K 1.0

    A long time ago I read about the famous Countach cars that were comissioned by Canadian business man Walter Wolf back when he managed his own F1 team during the late 70's. I was delighted to see them included in Assetto Corsa, but the rather poor resolution of the logos kinda pushed me away from...

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