(2) Tracks (4) - Season with cars and sponsors from the years (1993-2002). (Modular mods).

(2) Tracks (4) - Season with cars and sponsors from the years (1993-2002). (Modular mods). 1

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Hi boys,
I created a season made up of my favorite teams. I would like to make it a retro season even with the change of team names and racers.
I can change the team names using the Name changer, but unfortunately I can't change the driver names. If anyone knows, I'd be happy to help.

The teams have the following composition:
Ferrari 2022 - Ferrari 1998
RedBull 2022 - Rothmans Williams Renault 1997
Mercedes 2022 - West McLaren Mercedes 1998
McLaren 2022 - Arrows Orange 2002
Alpine 2022 - Mild Seven Benneton playlife 1998
Alfa Romeo 2022 - McLaren Marlboro (1991-1996)
Aston Martin 2022 - Jaguar racing 2002
Haas 2022 - Minardi F1 1997
Alpha Tauri 2022 - HSBC Malaysia Stewart Ford 1997
Williams 2022 - Prost Gauloises Blondes 1997
My team - Benneton Camel Ford 1993 (of course, you can choose whatever you want)

Teams: are redesigned - hats, gloves, shoes, clothes, team clothes.

team names can be easily changed just like in the previous parts of the game using the name changer

unfortunately I could not change the names of the riders, I would be grateful for your help
there is a program for that, but unfortunately it doesn't work for me, I don't know where the problem is

21 tracks have redesigned sponsors from the 90s-00s.

(Marlboro, Rothmans, Camel, Firestone, Forster, Bridgestone, Zepter,
Canon, Casino, Shell, Mobil-1, HSBC, Qantas).
They are: Miami, Zandvoort, Austria, Bahrain, Brazil, Catalunya, Hungaroring, Imola, Jeddah, Melbourne,
Mexico, Monza, Paul Ricard, Portimao, Shanghai, Silverstone, Spa Francorchamps, Suzuka, Texas, Abu Dhabi, Hungaroring.

The mod does not change the physics or the strength of individual teams. It only changes the skins of individual teams, drivers,
team members, some garages and pitstops and of course sponsors on the tracks.

Tyres are grooved like from 1999 - when playing it is not visible what set you have, all colors, red, yellow and white are the same,
but of course the properties of the individual tires were preserved by the pad, nothing changes in the strategies. In the graphic on the left, it is still visible whether you have red,
yellow or white tires currently fitted
If you want to have the same tires as in the F122, just delete the tire file (teams_f1_tyres.erp) and everything else will work except the tires.

It's all done via modular mods, so you need to have basic modular mods installed.
It works for a season as well as an ongoing career.
it will overwrite all teams except my team, you have to set it yourself manually according to what team you want to have.
I hope you will like this mod.
I will be glad for any response. There are definitely a lot of things that are not finished, but for playing in my career it is a great experience, it is like a new game.

The game does not crash, it has been tested on 2 PCs, played for approx. 70 hours, and the game has not crashed once.

Everything is done on the basis of PASTE-COPY into modular mods.
tracks need to be copied to folder
C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\F1 22\2022_asset_groups\environment_package\tracks

I hope you have a lot of fun with the mod, it's like a new game for me to fight against the teams from my childhood
and especially the change of sponsors gives the tracks a completely different dimension.
good luck guys.

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