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2014 "Closer" Steering Wheels All 11 Teams (HD) 3.0

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: Works for HD steering wheels only (4096 x 4096).

IMPORTANT: Each one of this mod's 2014-closer TEAM-NAME's f12013 folder contains it's own related modded f12013\simplefonts folder. Be aware that copying the 4 files inside any of these simplefonts folders will also change the dashboard display of many Classic-mode 80-90's cars, so make sure to backup the current Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\f12013\simplefonts folder in a safe location b4 installing any one of the TEAM's f12013 folder of this mod for the first time, in case you might want to restore the classic-mode 80-90's later on. You've been warned!

Also, keep in mind this mod is not intended to copy as a whole and expect every TEAM to be modded instantly like many other mods work. This (or these) mod(s) require individual copying of the chosen TEAM-NAME\f12013 folder to Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common BEFORE game launch (OR AFTER EXITING IT).

Note that this mod is most ideal playing with in Career mode, because in other modes you can change TEAMs often while the game runs, but for this mod to take effect when changing TEAM, the game itself must be exited, your new TEAM's modded f12013 folder must be copied to the Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common folder, then the game must be re-started, and your chosen team must be selected from there.


1- Backup your existing Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\f12013\interiors AND Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\f12013\simplefonts folders.

2- Download and unzip the 2014_Closer_Steering_Wheels_& file.

To install any one of the following TEAM-NAME folders' wheel for the first time:

3- In the main folder of this mod, you will see eleven TEAM subfolders named:

Fc India
Red Bull

4- Open the TEAM's folder you will choose after starting (or re-starting) the game.

5- Copy the f12013 folder located inside your chosen TEAM folder to your installation's Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common folder.

To restore your own backed-up files:

1- Copy both the f12013\interiors and f12013\simplefonts folders you backed-up safely and carefully b4 installing this mod (as stated at step 1- above).

To restore the game's original files:

1- Copy the f12013 folder provided inside each TEAM folder of this mod's BACKUP folder to your installation's Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common folder.

Credits as in kind teamwork spirits:

Special Thanks to @chargingcar for his mind-blowing 2013 Steering Wheels in HD, all his mods & 3D templates, for the help he provided me, and the generous permission to mod his wheels. Link:

Special Thanks to @auroboros for his mind-blowing PCU-xD mod files, his testing efforts and his kind permission to use his modded files, without which this mod would definitely not be anything like (or, would probably not even exist at all. Link:

Special Thanks again to @lyolik for his also mind-blowing Realistic LED Display Module mods, in this case, his (15x1) tach masks files, and his previous permission to use them. The link to his alternate (3x5) tach mask and other goodies in his mods is:

A last one that may as well be the first to mention: Special Thanks to everbody involved in the making and testing of the always amazing Ryder PSSG Editor. Link:

If a single location for all OLED-color combinations is to be easier to work with, instead of having to remember in which TEAM-CAR folder of this mod contains which such color-combination, that can be downloaded at this link:

EXCESSIVE HDR (Bloom) NOTE: For the All-White OLEDs color combination, it is highly recommended to install one of the No glare mod from the Enhanced Graphics Plus package made by @Winner, available at:

For the 2014 cars interior FIA plate, you can download it from this tab page:

Enjoy these 2014-closer, but still fictional steering wheels! :)

Made from observing the following changes from the 2013 season:

Real Life 2014 Teams wth PCU-6D & Standard 7|11-segments LEDs: Catherham, Force India, Lotus, Marussia, Red Bull, Williams

Real Life 2014 Teams wth PCU-8D & Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (OLEDs): Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes, Sauber, Toro Rosso

Edit: Apologies for typos and my sometimes very bad English.

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Latest reviews

the torro rosso wheel is so good
thanks you very much
Salut Gilles
Salut Gilles
Thanks everyone for the stars. (Wish there was a way to transfer most of them to chargingcar, auroboros, lyolik, Winner, AND Ryder25!) ;)
Amazing work ( :
Salut Gilles
Salut Gilles
Thanks! :) May I insist again: it's a Team work, and most of that amazing work was done prior to mine by RD members who showed me everything in modding, so thanks to them all, again! ;)
The Ferrari wheel is a work of art!
Salut Gilles
Salut Gilles
Thanks! But again, I must credit chargingcar for a lot of that! His work on these wheels was awesome, and it allowed me to learn a lot of new "tricks" using Paint.NET (and the Windows Clipboard), since I can't have a copy of CS6 anymore (CC is crap). I tried to make the center switch with the prancing horse like the real thing, but to do so, it has to be bigger than in RL. But I like it anyway. :)
Excellent work as usual! Thanks for the upate!
Salut Gilles
Salut Gilles
Thanks, mate ;) But I just realized I forgot to do the RF button (yellowish-orange button over a black background) on the bottom-left side of the Ferrari wheel. A fix is coming up in an updated 2.1 version (version 2.0 will be deleted, but not 1.0). Apologies to everyone for making that mistake.
This is truly inspirational mate! Thanks to you i'm on cloud 9!
Salut Gilles
Salut Gilles
Thanks, and I'm actually working on improving the teams with PCU-8Ds & OLEDs, so everybody watch this resource for an improved grfx experience soon! :)
Fantastic work. Really really great!
Salut Gilles
Salut Gilles
Thank you! Although I would really like to give all these 5 stars to chargingcar, auroboros, and lyolik for giving me the permission to bring all their respective works in a central, easy-2-work with place. =)
This mod is an awesome injection to making f1 2013 an f1 2014 game and I've been thoroughly enjoying it!
Salut Gilles
Salut Gilles
Very nice teamwork, mate! Thank You for all the work you did in this, and to RD for letting us experiment with all these unusual season changes! :) Let's go race! ;)
Great Work m8 ))
Salut Gilles
Salut Gilles
Thanks, chargingcar!! Without all your initial works of pure Art, and that's not to mention all these turbo-closer sounds... (& other goodies), I can now "follow" each GP weekend one by one with greater fun! Without all these, not really as pleasing as it is now! Two Thumbs Up to you!

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