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2014 Equal drivers database mod 1.1

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Hi guys,today I am presenting you the Equal drivers mod.Basically it equals driver level for each and every driver in the game.
The mod contains:
-Random grid every time you start a race(quick race)
-Every car has the same engine power
-Every car has the equal chance at taking the podium(quick race,career and season challenge)
-Every car is based on the Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes-

-Download the zip file.
-Replace my modded database folder with your current in-game one(make sure your game is not running).

NOTE! An update will be released soon and it will contain some fixes and improvements so be sure to check it out!

Fell free to comment and tell me what you think about the mod guys! :)

Latest updates

  1. Minor improvements and fixes.

    -Fixed Ericsson always 1st -Some small gameplay fixes Enjoy!:)

Latest reviews

can u do this mod in f1 2013
its in the F1 drivers and teams it tells you each driver starting grid ,team and car livery, u can mix them all you want, massa driving Carterham and Chilton driving Mercedes and so on and put them both on grid one if you wish. just keep track of the numbers you use one need to replace it with the one being replaced and so on... gods luck....and have fun...
fantastic!.....sorry but which parameter changes for deciding the starting grid ?
Can do for season 2015? Will grateful.
Not sure but I will test it soon!But if you want to risk anyway before me make sure to create a backup folder of your game before progressing(Sorry for my English).

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