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2014 mod 1.0

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No bike livery is changed with this mod, except I added number 1 and more red on a Ducati :)
Some suits were edited.
Bike performances changed:
1) Yamaha = Honda (both Factory and Satelite)
2) Ducati = ART = FTR Honda = FTR Kawasaki
Changed performance for some riders.
Names are changed just for the English interface. It's normal in race and some other parts, Stoner's name to show as "er", Aleix Espargaro's as "o" and Crutchlow's to not show at all.

Riders changed:
1) Hayden > Crutchlow (suit edited)
2) Crutchlow > Pol Espargaro (suit, bike number edited)
3) Corti > Espargaro (suit edited)
4) Espargaro > Hayden
5) Spies > Stoner (bike edited)
6) Staring > Redding (suit edited, but neither the suit nor the number will take effect if DLC01 is enabled)

How to use:
1) Use Mixfile ReMixer to unpack in a new folder the following files from the MotoGP directory: DATA.MIX, GFXPAK.MIX, MENU.MIX, MOTOGP.MIX. Move/rename these 4 .mix files so they won't be overwritten later (backup).
2) Extract the content of my in the new folder where you unpacked the files from 1), and overwrite all.
3) Use Mixfile ReMixer to repack: DATA.MIX, GFXPAK.MIX, MENU.MIX, MOTOGP.MIX in the game directory.

That's it. I know this isn't something too fancy, so if not satisfied just delete those files and restore the backup files.

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Two times packed files but I always leave some photos and wrong Hayden, Crutchlow, Spies, Stoner, Aleix Espargaró in the menu selection team name does this have to be this way?

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