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2014 Williams Mercedes Hybrid DHD&HD 1.0

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Done from original CM textures in DHD(8096x8096)&HD(4096x4096) size. :cool:. Simply click inside the size you want and extract the "cars" folder into the game's main folder. Just refreshed the car by putting the 2014 numbers on it with their appropriate shape. The whole car is just a simple repaint and replacement of logos although it has new carbon and new nuts on it. (Note that Williams almost the hardest car to skin due to skinning restrictions ) . Wanted to release this car sooner but I didn't have time for it.
Hope you enjoy it. Have fun :sneaky:
This will be my last work for any CM games, no more will be done and this time for sure. Use it wisely .
@Puerto505 hope you are satisfied now :).




Latest reviews

I adore this skin. It looks perfect to me! Thank you very much for this and best of luck to wherever life takes you! Hopefully you'll come back to CM to make more amazing mods
I already released the F14t DHD for f1 2014 and I plan to make the Williams too in 3 versions also in DHD res. But I don't have any big plans since the game sucks just like f1 2013 does.
Great looking skin.
Great skin as usual. You are one of the best. Pity you leaving CM. I have a suggestion.....GSC? They could really use your talent. (Hint hint)
Maybe a year later but I will mainly concentrate for my studies now so that have to wait. Thanks for your review btw.
Great job.
well its a good skin but i think that the blue tone is a lil bit too dark :)
but ofcourse as usual from you good work!! 4 stars are a solid vote i think
The blue is the same what CM used for their 2013 texture. I think this is a close one to the Retro car which had this blue color too. But thanks anway. It was my last work so I won't bother myself anymore with this.
Great work, long time no see ;)
Amazing!Keep up the good work man.Hope to see great things from you for f1 2014! :D
Thanks. I won't do anything with Codemasters F1 games from now. I won't buy f1 2014. It wil be a disappointment ... Maybe I will give a chance to f1 2015 but first we will have to see if CM makes a big improvement or not.
great work as usual. and also for those one star ratings in your review, why don't you just report it, instead of b*tching around? as it written, "review which are not constructive may be remove without notice" you can report those reviews which are not in proper reason or not constructive :)
Thanks mate but I've already reported them long time ago. Still no action was taken so far. I'm not btching around. I just hate people like them :(
Excellent skin!! Great as all the others you've made (I use them all :D ); sad to see you going from CM games, wonder where I will see you again :D
Thanks. Nowhere so far. I have no future plans yet. I will see what will happen.
Great one!
Thanks man, appreciate it ;). At least you gave me 5 unlike others (don't know why is this hate coming to me )
usual quality works.. great navy too..
i like the current skin but this is quality,with history.
Now i only gave it a four because the livery itself isn't something i would install and use, However based on quality is a good piece of work and i'm sure others will like it too :)
Thanks. But as I've written in the description the Williams is one of the hardest cars to skin for this game due to Codemaster's stupid layout and I wrote that it's just a simple repaint and logo replacement. I would have been able to do an amazing livery if it were like in 2012..

I still wonder why did I upload it if I would get reviews like this.

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