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this is the fastest the A.I. can be set to. Sometimes up to 2 seconds faster than real life lap times. While you can still dominate QP sessions on certain tracks, the race will always be much tighter. But this is the fastest the A.I. can be set to. Select "REALISTIC DIFFICULTY LEVEL" in the game. This will only work for the highest difficulty level.

NEED 7zip!!!
Version 7.0 includes:

- updated all Moto3 riders numbers changes as seen in my preview screenies, they all have their correct numbers now.

- updated all Moto2 riders numbers changes as seen in my preview screenies, they all have their correct numbers now.

- updated A.I.Drivers for MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3.

- updated team pics to reflect all the changes for 2015 in Moto2 and Moto3

- updated certain Moto2 + Moto3 riders pics such as Rins...

- includes a TERRAIN.BML file where grip levels for wet, gravel, grass, etc. have been reduced

- includes A.I. DIFFICULTIES file and other physics update for MOTO2 + MOTOGP ONLY!!!


1. mixfile remixer is required, 7-zip is required (due to file size)
2. extract all the necessary files and overwrite the appropriate files
3. repack files


use mixfile remixer

This will be the last big update regarding rider names, team names, stats, riders/team performances and some physics and A.I tweaks. An update regarding A.I. Drivers can be expected, however. Most likely after Catalunya.

Notable Moto3 changes:

1. HANIKA is just not cutting it in real life right now, and Oliveira is doing really well. I decided to switch the two and move Hanika to where Oliveira was. Works great now with the vehicle key.
2. Khairuddin is back in the game and riding for Drive M7 Aspar (replaced Marc VDS Moto3). Only his last name with one "d" missing was possible, however. I was considering Ono here first, but have no portrait of him and the Marc VDS team causes problems when the vehicle key is changed, which is required to match Leopard Racing Top Performance.
3. Gabriel Rodrigo replaced Granado at Laglisse, with the obvious drawback that he is not able to ride for RBA
4. Every A.I. Drivers performance has been adjusted for Moto3
5. Team performance overhaul

Moto2 and MotoGP changes:
1. Couple of physics tweaks in Moto2
2. Added Zaidi for Rea in Moto2 (u need to download Zaidi bike texture mod for current bike)
3. Renamed Danilo Petruci to D.Petrucci in MotoGP
4. A.I. Tweaks in Moto2 and MotoGP
After reading an interview with Dovizioso regarding the rear brakes and how much he uses them, I decided to provide yet another update. Check it out, well worth it. Terrain file, A.I. Drivers, etc. also updated. Oh, and "BODY OUT" style riders will love this for the 59 - 60 degree Marquez angles in MOTO GP...:ninja: ;)

1. A clean MotoGP '14 installation is recommended

2. Use mixfile remixer to extract your CONTENT.MIX (located in steam/steamapps/common/MotoGP2014/DLC/DLC01/, your MENU.MIX (located in steam/steamapps/common/MotoGP2014) and finally your DATA.MIX will just be overwritten (located in steam/steamapps/common/MotoGP2014).

3. Once extracted you will now have 2 folders wherever you extracted them to namely CONTENT and MENU.

a) Overwrite the two files within CONTENT/DATA/DB with the ones I provided and repack CONTENT folder. Make sure you point the destination folder to steam/steamapps/common/MotoGP2014/DLC/DLC01/

b) Overwrite the DB.ZTS file within the MENU folder located in MENU/TEXT/UKENGLISH. Note that the the db.zts file goes into whatever language you use. For example, if you use Italian, you would drop my db.zts file here: MENU/TEXT/ITALIAN. Repack the MENU folder. Make sure you point the destination folder to steam/steamapps/common/MotoGP2014/

c) Finally overwrite the DATA.MIX file (located in steam/steamapps/common/MotoGP2014).

Again, this is for MOTOGP and MOTO2 ONLY!!!


- 2015 team names for all 3 classes
- 2015 rider changes for all 3 classes
- 2015 rider avatars + country changes (was 98% possible)
- 2015 real A.I. behavior + PHYSICS tweaks for all 3 classes (giovaneveterano combined with mine, but he gets ALL credit for actual bike behavior, he is the master)
- 2015 Class Selection Pics (title screen MOTOGP 2015 is coming)
and other little things here and there!

See my latest post for details...:D:ninja:

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