AC English Voice Pack for Co-Driver Mod

AC English Voice Pack for Co-Driver Mod 1.0

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This is a voice pack (English) created by SRD - Sim's Racing Design.
It has to be used with Patrick Brunner's Co-Driver Mod.

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Do not redistribute any of the audio files without permission or proper credits.

If you enjoy the designs and would like to support SRD - Sim's Racing Design, feel free to donate a bit of pocket change.
This way SRD can keep creating content for the sim racing communities, especially the DiRT Rally Community.



Latest reviews

Awesome stuff, completely changes the codriver app for the better!!
Great voice mod for the Patrick-Brunner Co-driver.

Thank you!
Sim Vansevenant
Sim Vansevenant
Appreciate the compliment. Thanks!
Excellent job! A must-have addition to Brunner's Co_Driver mod for AC rallying.

They sound "just right".

It must be a tedious job making such a soundset (nearly 700 files) but there is no sense of that in the result - they all sound on point with a calm but fully engaged tone and are consistent across the board.

Much appreciated here, thanks very much.
Sim Vansevenant
Sim Vansevenant
Thanks mate! Truly appreciate the compliment!
These are really very good. They are clear while at the same time conveying a subtle sense of exhilaration. A must have for all Assetto rally enthusiasts
Sim Vansevenant
Sim Vansevenant
Thanks mate!

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