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Assetto Corsa Competizione originally didn't give the user the ability to either view previous fastest laps, sessions or indeed view championship status (other than at completion of a round). With this in mind, I decided to create a little tool for my own purposes, to harvest what information there is in order to provide me with a means at reviewing this sort of information. Given that there have been a number of posts by sim racers bemoaning the lack of this information, I thought perhaps others may find it useful too.

While ACC does give some nice stats now, If you want a little bit more detail on lap stats, this might be the place for you.

  • Records all single and multiplayer sessions in ACC
  • Load result from servers, where files are available
  • Lets you view history, fastest laps and statistics
  • View leaderboards for sessions you have participated in
  • See fuel predictions for sessions based on past history
  • Quick reference to ECU modes for each car
  • In game overlays for best times, leaderboard, damage, weather, corner names and fuel predictions

System requirements
If your system runs ACC, it should run ACC Results Companion, with the caveat that I don't have a Windows 7 environment to test on. As a bare minimum, you must have .NET Framework 4.8 (which will be there for Windows 10/11 if reasonably up to date)

This should only be installed on a PC that already has ACC installed. An MSI is provided for the install, that should create the program, work folders and database in your user folder.

If a previous version of ARC has been installed, the installer should allow an update without needing to uninstall first.

Using ACC Results Companion
First F1 at any point in the app to bring up context sensitive help

Make sure ACC Results Companion is running when ACC is, and it should record all your sessions.

A quick overview of the various screens and options:
Session history and lap details:


Session Tyre sets

Personal bests



Fuel calculation and ECU Modes

Custom Leagues

Customise colours etc

In game overlays:
Best times





Corner names
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Latest updates

  1. ACC Results Companion V1.24.5

    • Ensure Car Class combo-box can be reset • Remove brand logo behind combo boxes on leaderboard...
  2. ACC Results Companion V1.24.4

    Option to re-match LFM sessions (can fixup previous problems) English country code supported...
  3. ACC Results Companion V1.24.3

    Update list of ACC Country Codes Add Bosnia, England, Malta, Morocco, Sri Lanka

Latest reviews

Nice app! Thanks!
A must have application that works amazingly
Essential and very helpfull app for every ACC driver! Detailed stats and history! Great work!
Wow! Best ACC App ever! Thx!
It seems to be an excellent app, from what I read from users. I can't see any of them. I'm so sorry
bonjour , l application se lance mais ne me donne aucune données lorsque je roule a part la voiture et le circuit utilisé?
Doug Duthie
Doug Duthie
If you are having trouble setting up the app, press F1 to bring up the help (in English only I'm afraid). Alternatively, if you are still having problems, the best place to seek help is the forum (
Great app to quickly review your laptimes, consistency and race performance.
One of the best though maybe the most advanced tool for ACC. Highly recommended to use!
Dark mode yay!!! excellent application, being using it since the 1st release. A must have for ACC
i really love it .. all the stats very detailed and really easy to handel.
also love the leaderboard where i got some decent records with AMRV8 Vantage on 1.8.18 + 1.8.19 :)
I have some pb with the app.
The creator help me to find, and we solved the pb together !
<3 Love this appli and the creator (not god but Doug Duthie)
updates have always worked since I installed version 1.9.8. With the last one it does not start anymore
Doug Duthie
Doug Duthie
Sorry - the MSI was corrupted. I've rebuilt and re-uploaded it
Such a great program, I run it every session. So much effort has gone in to this and it this effort continues with constant updates. Top stuff, appreciate the contribution.
Used this tool since 2020 and love it!
Donate to the man!
Absolutely must have if you like analyzing your race data. It has so much data and configurability that I don't start ACC without this tool on! Kudos to Doug!
just an Excellent tool and a very useful fuel calculator. The only thing that keeps irritating me is, that it chooses the 2021 tracks for my 2019 GT4 championship, so i'm always changing the years. Not that dramatic, but I noticed, that if you change the year for instance the Misano track in the fuel calc. down to 2019 you need about 10l less fuel. That's why it irritates me a bit I don't want to end up without fuel after 1 hour of race, is there really that difference between those years ?
Doug Duthie
Doug Duthie
This is really just a result of attempting to fill in the gaps where ACC doesn't provide information. ACC doesn't report the track year, Track year was originally important where tracks were resurfaced and times were dramatically different (Silverstone and Spa). Then came DHE tyres which had an effect on times again. Then came the physics changes in 1.8. As a result, if the tyres aren't DHD, then the latest track will be picked (which is probably right for 99% of people). If DHD, then the older default track will be picked. It's a guess and it's not perfect but given the lack of information, there not a great deal that can be done.

For fuel calcs, this is driven from your past history. If you think the fuel estimates are out, then press the "Recalculate" button on the fuel page. This re-analyses all the sessions and does and in depth recalculation of fuel usage (which should correct an errors that crept into the on the fly calculation).

If you still aren't happy with the fuel calculation (ie you know you're going to use a different ECU mode for this race), you can enter a manual override on the fuel page
This app is a must have if you play ACC. All the information is easily accessible and the UI is pretty simple to use. So far I had encountered no bugs, truly amazing. 5/5
This is one of those must have apps. It has gotten better each release. I cant wait for the next update that includes the new DLC content.

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