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ACSkinDisabler 1.1

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Hello Racers,
this tool was developed for only one purpose.
ACSkinDisabler can disable skins and enable it again if you want it back in the game.
The disabled skins will not be deteted!

I use this tool for the asetto corsa basic skins which I don't want in the game partly for a race session. After the session it's possible to enable the skins and get them back to the game.

I know the Skins Manager made by Fuorigiri and it is a great work!
Only the possibility to restore deleted skins is missing in my opinion.

That was the reason to make a small simple tool which can manage the job.

If Fuorigiri add this restore function to his outstanding tool, my work becomes obsolete of course so... Love it or skip it...


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  1. ACSkinDisabler 1.1

    Update Version 1.1 - Skin lists now have checkboxes - Only checked skins will be...

Latest reviews

Awesome! Is it possible to add "save profile" for hidden skins and a "Restore All" button, so you can load and restore in one click? great tool as it is anyways, thanks!
And to think that until today I used to do all this stuff manually... I feel so silly... and so grateful for this amazing little app.
great tool
Just plain easy and great.
fANTASTIC TOOL!!! Saves a whole lot of moving files to set things up thanks a lot .
Yes! Finally i don't have to move away the naked skins from the race cars. Very useful, thank you so much for this!
It's nice but it's missing one major feature IMO: the possibility to select multiple skins at the same time in the list before clicking the disable/restore button, instead of having to click twice for each.
Thankx mate for the constructive rewiev.
I have follwed your request and implemented this function in Version 1.1
Very useful, earlier i had to move some files to the backup folder, now it's easier to manage skins. Thanks.
The skin can be checked easily, and it's very easy.
Super!! Much appreciated; thank you!
Excellent one, thank you.
Very usefull tool, Thank you!!
very usefull

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