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Add Istanbul and Valencia 1.1

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Add Istanbul and valencia circuits in GP.
Make backup and replace files accordingly. May corrupt saved games and not for online.
If you have installed 5 tracks mod, use the database.bin in "database 2+5 tracks" folder instead, else the 5 tracks will not be available.
As the tracks were designed for previous game versions, the performance and fuel usage are most likely inaccurate. Please do not ask me to edit them. There is no racingline also.
NB Please do not use one shot quali and flying lap for the tracks as you will literally be flying.
Edit: Turn off safety car
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Image2 (3).jpg

Latest updates

  1. Tracks improvement

    Improvements: 1. Tracks are brighter and closer to F1 2014 tracks. 2. Disable safety car for...

Latest reviews

Thank you, works in F1 2013
What a nice job!!
Thanks for this but can I ask you - how this differes (or does it at all?) from this version of these two tracks ?
ai driver
Well, you can try and compare. I think my ver 1.1 has better track textures.
thanks you
Very nice, rubbering in is visible now.
Congratulations. It's pretty good .
ai driver
Thank you, but not working racing line
and starts in run off area in Time trial mode.
ai driver
Known issues mentioned.
i not need racing line but lap time is required
I always wanted to drive these 2, thanks!

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