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Ahvenisto 1.0

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Ahvenisto is a small but technical figure-of-eight track in Hämeenlinna, Finland. It has a lot of elevation changes and barely any run-off areas, which makes it one of the most difficult and dangerous tracks in the world. Because of this some people like to call it "the mini Nordschleife".

The construction of Ahvenisto Race Circuit was finished on July 15, 1967. The same year, "I Hämeenlinnan ajot 1967" became the first international event to be held at the circuit. The Formula Two race was won by Jochen Rindt in a Brabham BT23 ahead of Jack Brabham's Brabham BT23C and Jim Clark's Lotus 48. The Formula Three race saw a battle between Finnish and Swedish drivers, with Sweden's Freddy Kottulinsky taking the win. Other notable entrants included Leo Kinnunen, Ronnie Peterson and Reine Wisell.

The unofficial lap record (from a show run) is 1:10.000 by Keke Rosberg with Williams FW08C Formula 1 car.

Works with AI races, Hotlap mode, Practice mode, multiplayer (not tested), and supports 40 cars (with overlapping pit boxes). Albeit at least the AI starts getting in trouble when you add more than 30-35 cars.

  • Recommend playing it with the highest detail settings (increases grass fidelity).
  • I suggest playing with low sun angles and crepuscular rays on, i.e. in the morning or in the evening. Try for instance 9:30 am.
  • The track is very small, and works best with low powered cars. KTM X-Bow R or Lotus 2 Eleven for instance.

Latest reviews

thank you,i prefer this version,more naturel and the same NetKar Pro track,also better FPS onmy low pc.i can drive on it in Assetto Corsa now.
5 Star
Absolute best! Love the topology and the small length.
Not working. I find this track in game, but when I start it it goes back to menu.
You did an amazing piece of work at recreating this spectacular track! Thank you!
Looks nice, but something is off. Layout is very weird compared to irl at some points but okay on suolenkki. Backstraight/pit area/uphill section are not like on the real track Tarun mutka straight -> under the bridge was closest imo.
There are now two versions of this track. In my humble opinion, I believe this is the better version (even though you don't have building at main pit stop).
Super job, really clean, polished feeling track - if a bit clinical. Superb layout, would no doubt take some bravery IRL.
Simply brilliant. Comparing this to youtube videos I would have assumed you had LiDAR data to build this track. Amazing job ! Bravo ! If Nordschleife and Bilsterberg had a baby I think it would look something like Ahvenisto ! Such a wonderful challenge!

Even with the A.I. fix they drive far too slow. Additional cameras, preferably ground level would add a lot to the beauty of this track during replays.

AI Fix, map, outline by Assetto Corsa Fanboy

Assetto Corsa - AnssiH - Track Mod - Ahvenisto 1.0 (T500RS)(Full HD)(Cockpit-Cam)
Assetto Corsa - AnssiH - Track Mod - Ahvenisto 1.0 (T500RS)(Full HD)(TV-Cam)
Great map, but the AI is very slow. Did a short GT4 race and only 5 cars of 14 finished on the lead lap. Some are lapping VERY slowly. During qualifying the AI was taking over a minute longer then I was to get around.
Very well done, topography and surrounding area really sucks you in, tight circuit but enough small stretches that it's not exhausting. Few small areas for improvement like camera's but its pretty much all there, well done.
please add some other cams and check treesline flickering
Looks excellent, drives excellent, but the AI is terribly slow with the latest version of the game.
This is super good fun to drive and looks really good to boot. well done and keep going, i love these quirky small tracks, its mods like these that make Assetto Corsa
Five stars for quality ! Well deserved. Though I would like some people here and there.

For the guys demanding a map:
- delete the map.png in the Ahvenisto file
- start a session and AC provides a map ;-)
Awesome work buddy! I've been there irl and this one is the first version where the track layout feels quite natural. Well done! I'd say that the track irl is probably a bit smoother but there should be quite noticeable bump/dip inside the left-hander after the downhill bridge. And just like someone mentioned the turn-in on pit exit is a bit weird/late. It doesn't flow like it does in real life. Surroundings also have some work to do but overall I'm very impressed! PM me if you need some photos from the track.
Thanks, I'll keep this and all the other improvement suggestions in mind if I return to this one at some point... :)
Thanks for your work my friend, this track is excellent, very detailed, very beautiful. IMO right at Kunos level. One thing I was wondering though: I see that you put cracks on some kerbs, meaning that the track is very old. Shouldn't it be more bumpy them? Thanks again!
Nah, the track is in pretty active use and it is probably a bit less bumpy in real life, like Ville-Samuli mentions. I'm not sure why they never fix that one cracked kerb, and I just thought it would be fun to articulate it. It should be done with a custom normal map probably but anyway...
Excellent work sir!. Will be one of my favourite AC tracks for sure.
Great track, thanks!

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