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All 2013 Driver Helmet Models and Template For Photoshop 1.0

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Before you start, Please read below very carefully.


Okay as we all know, the drivers are using specific helmet models in this years game.

I have put in many many hours putting this together mainly due to the fact that everything had to be re-mapped by hand so the textures would work correctly.

Still reading??? Good!

I have seperated all the models in the download folder.

Stage 1 (see pic above) is a 3D Photoshop file that has the visor, screws and all fins and vents removed, making it a cleaner model to design the base of the helmet on.

Stage 2 (see pic) is a model within the driver specific file which has the visor parts and fin added (if finned) this is to finish off your design on the fin once the base is done. You just drag this into an opened Photoshop program and open the layer in the palettes menu. Change the image size to your own desired size and paste your finished design onto this layer. Now you can finish off the design on the fin.

If Stage 2 helmets do not show with a rear fin, this is simply because it is transparent in the game so I have removed them in advance, same goes for the vents.

Stage 3 (see pic) is a full model to import into Keyshot or 3DS Max for those who use them. On this model I have left all the individual parts seperate, for greater control for things like gloss finish or matte finsh within the same model. Example main paint would be a gloss finish, whilst the cloth parts you may wish to leave as a matte finish. Also in game most if not all of the air vents are transparent, by me leaving the model in seperate parts, you can make these transparent for display purposes.

Also the Vettel helmet rear fin may not be 100% was a beeyatch to map.

If you have got through this and read it all.......well done!

I have also included the bespokehelmet model.

My templates are basically from last year, you may have to disable a few shading and parts layers for the driver helmets, but I have left the in the template for the use basically the bespoke helmet model.

This was the easiest solution I could come up with for the 20+ different helmet shapes being used this year.

Hope you use it wisely....took me long enough to put it together.

Let the helmet painting begin!!!

:D :sleep: :sleep: :sleep: :sleep:

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It's a great tool or model. But I have a question. Is it possible to replicate other driver wing- fins and air flow (on top of the helmet)? Thx anyway!
Very Nice, Everyone who likes design F1 2013 Helmets Need That
that's a #1 work!
Really Appreciated This should be #1 Mod for Skins #1 5"""""
Thanks! B-D

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