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Audi Martini Racing 1.0

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Hello everyone,
Today as a New year's special I decided to bring you one of my latest creations:

Audi Sport Martini Racing
Audi Martini Racing logo long.png

What does this mod include:
- Custom car livery
- Custom steering wheel design

Special thanks and credits to my good friend @TheMrLouis

This car is part of my 2033 fantasy season

After dominating 2032 season with double tittle in constructors and drivers championships, Audi wants to continue on that hype into new season but this time it could be different. F1 have new regulations including new tire manufacturer in french brand Michelin. Also after 12 long seasons, DHL has left the team. Audi rushed to find new tittle sponsor and found one in Williams's old sponsor Martini.
Can Audi continue on highs of last season?


What car does this replace in game?

- This mod replaces Marussia in game

How to install the mod?
- First of all, make sure to backup your game files before changing anything. then after downloading mod, unzip the files and place files inside of the folder to the matching folders in your F1 game file. That's it.

Hope you are gonna like this mod and feel free to let me know what you think ;)

Happy New year to everyone
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Latest reviews

MEGA JOB! You are a legend
Thank you man
very nice work, i love it
Thank you so much. Really appreciate it
It's beautiful! I looked at it for 5 hours already.
Thank you so much!
Can you please made an Koenigsegg F1 Team for Sauber?? Always love your Great Skin
Thank you for support. Sure I can

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