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Audio application (2015-04-14)(Oculus rift compatible) 1.0

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Update finally out:


-Added button mapping : Time left in session (qualy,time attack, drift and practice)
-Added value in ini (section [DEV] button_treshold value was time in millisecond between 2 check for find any pressed button try to increase it if you except lag in game)
-Added Place sound before anounce of position
-Corrected multiple bug reported by users (thanks you for report)
-Added icon thanks to max78
-Crash at end of race need to be checked because didn't know why it's happen
-Digit control now all time announce
-Re-done all FR and EN sound for get it shorter ( i hope) let me know if it's better
-Made two windows for apps one is for mapping button to sound other one is for main sound by session language and audio setting

So now for button mapping go to Audio Application Button (juste under Audio Application one) and now zip need to be extracted on root assetto corsa folder due to icon

For soundpack maker i have added one sound place with var name time_remain_sound and some string name :button_timeleft,button_lap,button_position,checkbox_timeleftdemand,checkbox_lapdemand,checkbox_positiondemand (so check i18n.ini in content/FR (or EN) folder

I can also provide some sound pack if you provide me the next file translated into language you want and specify me wich language and kind of voice (male or female you prefer) is it.(just last string after the second equal needed to translate)
I can't promise it will be perfect or have language required it will be made by Some tts service.
File :

Hope you will be enjoy :)
Version 0.9 :
-Correct bug on delta causing crash if you are last of session
-Optimisation of sound creation (previously can cause some mini freeze when crossing line)
-Add best lap announce
Manual created look here :
Changelog v0.8:
Added Delta live time by press button (need one lap to work)

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