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Audio application (2015-04-14)(Oculus rift compatible) 1.0

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Audio application
mainly designed for oculus rift user but usefull for all want GUI less​
What is that app ?
It is an application that replace main information that usually show in GUI for announce it by audio
Because i'm an oculus rift user and wan't more info in waiting of GUI support by kunos in the rift

What this app announce ?
-Position in a session
-Time of lap
-Announce remain fuel by button (like radio call)
-announce when it's 2 and 1 lap left of fuel and fuel out (from miniapps)
-Blue flag (from ferito-blueflag code)
-Tyre state by button (like radio call) 2 mode (each tyre announce or front/rear train announce)
-Lap left (Mid race,3 lap to go, last lap)
-Lap number currently finished
-ABS state when it was enable or disable (from miniapps)
-TC state same as up(from miniapps)
-Delta time between ahead and behind car (from actracker) need one lap completed for get delta time

All this feature are enable or disable individually by .ini or in GUI

Can i translate for my language ?

Yes, It's was really easy to do (in my mind)
For this copy and paste a language folder (like EN or FR) in content .
Rename it as you want
open i18n.ini in there you have 3 part:

fr => that case is depending language for exemple in french 100 is announce hundred and not one hundred

milli_decompose => depend if in time announce you're language say 125 one hundred twenty-five or one two five for the thousandth part

Contain all string of GUI free to translate

Location of each sound
Note variable position_sound_dir, number_sound_dir is represent directory for number sounds and position sounds
Other sound need to located individually
If you miss a sound it will not announce it

For number sounds i have manage for made 3 mode ( it will be autodetected by file present in number_sound_dir :
Full mode => you have generated 0 to 999 sounds (huge work so it will be nice)
semi-mode => you have generated 0 to 100 sounds (nice work render not bad) i have done it for french pack
minimal mode => the minimal required sound for announce sound from 0 to 999 It's require 0 to 20 , 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100
It will work but can be bit strange (i have generated mininal for EN)

What is it that %d en %s in label_joyassigned
It is variable that mapped in apps so it will be needed or app can crash on non-working
%d was mapped to number of button
%s was mapped to name of joystick used for this button

I have made a sound pack can you share it in you're app

no directly in app i don't want to reupload each time you have share to me a sound pack (except for english one for replace my poor generation)
But i will share it on the 1st post with no problem.

Can you integrate more functionnality

In close futur i would add Delta time announce (front and rear car delta announce on button press)
And bestlap announce

for rest ask but due to kunos announce about API change depend if it fast to code or not

Note blue flag configuration:
As i say on top i use Blue flag code so configuration is same as the ferito blueflag i let's you refer to this thread for configure it :

Note on sound:
You can control sound volume and gain

Gain was dependent of mode used 3D or not

If 3d position ( left/right | front/bottom position) it was equaliser amplification that distord a lot the sound
If not 3D it was amplification better but can distord too

For play sound i have use intégration of Fmodex by using pyfmodex binding librarie so spécial thanks to tyrylu for his project :

It was completly bugged it has crash my game stupid app

I have (and my league) tested it couple of time and corrected a lot of bug but it can always rest somes bug i don't see.
Tell it to me i will got a look on my code for correct.
But don't forget to tell me more info like changing session, if it when you press a button on gui , on line lap announce etc..
More detail you give to me faster i will be

Thanks to tyrylu for his project :
Thanks to f_deutsch for blue flag code
Thanks to Rombik for Siminfo
Thanks to Jorge Alves for miniapps code of fuel and give me idea to create this app and pygame integration
Thanks to Mathias André for actracker code
if i forgot any crédits say it to me i will add you on list and be sorry to have forgot you
Hey it's seem to be a good app i want to try but no Link (DOWNLOAD LINK HERE)?

woops it's there for version 0.9:
Manual :

older version:

decompress into SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\apps\python\
and don't forget to enable it on configuration panel

Language pack :

German for v0.9: (Thanks to speedfreak666)

-Add turbo statement on change
-Add icon picture to apps
-Add to github

Hope you will be enjoy by this app

Latest updates

  1. Audio Application 1.0 (Work with oculus rift)(2015-04-14)

    Update finally out:
  2. Audio application (2015-02-01)

    Version 0.9 : -Correct...
  3. Audio application 0.8 (2015-01-22)

    Changelog v0.8: Added Delta live time by press button (need one lap to work)

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Great App,I don't use rift,I also don't like onscreen hud,This is the perfect solution,Many Thanks.
great with the German pack.
So useful!

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