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Aura's Custom OSD 1.2

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This is the first time I've started modding for F1 games and I'm abit inexperienced. This is just a simple change of the OSD/HUD and I'm still experimenting with all the textures and so far, I have tweaked the OSD in terms of looks to appeal better to me. I would update this mod regularly and I'm open to suggestions. If anyone knows how to change the positions of the speedometers and icons it'll be great if you could teach me. Enjoy :D
Current adjusted elements:
  • Altered DRS icon with different font and changed gradient style
  • Made KERS icon slightly translucent and changed gradient style
  • Change fuel icon and made it slightly smaller and translucent and again, changed gradient style
  • Removed starting flags, wrong way warnings
  • The reddening effect on the gear box when you hit the max rev is changed to a squary glow instead of the default black line cutting across
  • *NEW* Changed suggested gear icon to square instead of the orb, made it similar to the gear box.
  • *NEW* Added option for a non-italics version for DRS text based on some disgusting customer feedback.
F1_2013 2013-10-31 23-24-45-43.jpg

F1_2013 2013-11-02 23-48-21-16.jpg

Note: Screenshots display terrible driving skill, never take photos from inside your helmet while in a fast paced F1 race.
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Latest updates

  1. Suggested gear change OSD changed

    Changed suggested gear icon to square instead of the orb, made it similar to the gear box. Added...
  2. Changed gear glow effect

    Gear glow has been changed. Please give feedback and if you don't like it, suggest how I should...

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looks great
Gabriel Wong
Gabriel Wong
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