Avus DTM 90s

Avus DTM 90s 1.4

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Avus DTM 90's for Assetto Corsa
-38 pit boxes, working startlights, tracklights (with shaders patch), moveable cones + pylons + markers, groove and skidmarks, spectators will be hidden with medium world details
-working ai line + pitlane, simple camera set, 2 track skins (content manager) with 1995 and 2020 ads by gladbecker82

Have Fun.

Background information:
The Avus is a public highway on the outskirts of Berlin. The layout represents the race track at the beginning of the 1990s. The track length is 2639m. It has a long straight followed by the hairpin-like Südkurve. Then through a bolted chicane, that leads to some trouble, if there are two (or more) rows of cars besides, but even alone on a hotlap its dangerous. Then into a long fast right hander, above tarmac change, with some more bumpy asphalt waiting in the last long and never ending left Nordkurve. This was the banked part in the past, although its radius is way smaller than anno.

The best opportunities for an overtake are in the Südkurve hairpin, which often ends in wheel to wheel action. And of course all along Nordkurve, when the opponent was too fast and the inside lane is open. But beware, there are 3 spots with lower grip, watch out for leafes.

2 Laps video (with v1.0), day/night with shaders patch (install below):

-OPEN archive (don't just unpack), go into the folders "avus_dtm\assettocorsa"
-then unpack both folders into "Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa"

-or install with JSGME
-or drop archive onto ContentManager

-GTR2 conversion to Assetto Corsa, 2019 july 20 by leBluem, permission granted by derDummeKlemmer, F1-Edition, initiated on BierBuden: altbierbude.de/schwarzbierbude.de, via personal email contact

Original credits: (see readme(s) for details)
Avus/Berlin for GTL by Andre F1-Edition, construction workers of the track for GTL: The track layout is from Peter Kuhn with approval by Alfredo Martinez. Some 3D objects such as the Funkturm, the Mercedes-tower, including the main grandstand were placed with the permission of Jimi-46. The GTR2-track has been reworked by ZWISS, see also Readme_for_GTR2, thank you for this work. F1-Edition converted the track to GTL and had 3DOs, textures and AIW reworked or renewed.

some pics (all below is from v1.0, current: v1.1) :


thx glabecker82 for 2 night pics:


1 Lap with bumper cam from gladbecker82:

If you feel like donating something: https://www.patreon.com/leBluem

Latest updates

  1. v1.4 - 26 nov 2020

    -fixed some stuff for rainFX -refined night lights, especially windows
  2. v1.3 - 22 nov 2020

    -fixed pits lights If you have v1.0 already installed - please do a clean install - remove old...
  3. v1.2 - 22 nov 2020

    -refined AI again, fixed some other stuff -on first lap with lots of ai opponents its still...

Latest reviews

Thank You! Excellent work.
One of my all times top tier tracks. With all its history, the unique location , the Golden Years of DTM, and i can go on and on... Call it "Sleeper", "Hidden Giant" or the holy crap you want. I call it ONE OF THE BEST. Masterpiece, PST. You nailed it.
Thank You =)
Superb loving using the DRM cars
Excellent work there, i love the AVUS, what a magical track to race on! Really enjoying your work!
Thank you.
The braking zone for T1 is still way to early (cars come to a near stop) for the ai. otherwise i would give a propper 5 stars
Please Stop This
Please Stop This
did you remove old track first? if not you would still have the old "data\ai_hints.ini"
in other news: i upload a new ai line this evening
I love the track but i got some problems with it.
1. Something seems to be off with the braking zone for the AI. Especially slower Cars, like the 90s DTM Cars, already start braking before the 200m Marker and ar sometimes at a full stop at the 100m marker and continue to slowly crawl their way to the Haripin. With GT3s its not as bad but it happens to. I already tried multiple times to create a new AI line but it didnt help. I also tried to reinstall the track a few times it didnt help.
2. If you try to overtake in the Hairpin and you get to far left on the track you get a penalty because there is rectangular space marked as "penalty" area.
Maybe those issues are corelated or something I have never seen something like this in AC before

Does someone have an idea on how to fix these issues especially the first one, because it makes it impossible to haven an AI Race on that circuit, with the second issue is not as important but still a major thing.
Please Stop This
Please Stop This
should be all better now with v1.1; in new tight layout ai often hangs now on the rails after chicane
This is one of the AC mod tracks that has actually given me the hard-on when searching the internet and surprisingly finding the download page (how could I have missed it this far on race department?!). The track lived up to my hype. Thank you so freaking much!

Though I'm still dreaming of the really old version...
for sure prewar version will be my favorite track
legion conversion is a possibility but not enough acurate
Thank you. Love the Track !!!
Thanks! I love that there's 2 skins to make this a classic and a modern track. Been hoping for this one for a while. Can't wait to see what your historic version will be like - hopefully you can figure out a way to keep the AI on the banking. :) Cheers!
Thanks, great track. And good idea with the link to an actual DTM race on the circuit. It seems almost all DTM tracks for the 1995 season are available now.
Thank you very much!
Great track for AC. Even though you specify DTM cars for this track, it drives well for my other car mods-used some of my slower F1 cars. Also, thanks for the great night lighting you did.
Maybe one day can you bring Kassel-Calden or Diepholz to assetto? Thanks really good job.
Nice idea and good work, BUT... The track itself is WAY too wide. You can fit 2 and a half car in a lane, which is supposed to give space for 1 and a half. Also the chicane is too fast, but that's because of the wideness. You should rework the shape to a more realistic resembling of a german Autobahn... ;)
Please Stop This
Please Stop This
thats right, its not like irl; its a convert, i will not make a new track out of it
And now we only need the Pre War version :D Great track! Finally some more classic DTM Tracks.
Please Stop This
Please Stop This
its already out there, Legion made it https://*************************/2019/03/
I also have a versions in the works, wait for it...
Another great addition to AC !

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