Barcelona 2021 Track Layout

Barcelona 2021 Track Layout 0.95

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Just a quick fix to be able to drive on the Barcelona 2021 Formula 1 track layout by mixing former Formula 1 track and Moto GP Track.

It's not the actual circuit layout (which turn 10 is a little shorter) but it"s probably the best we can get in a short time. Better than nothing... ;)

DRS Zone 2 has been updated.

Cameras from original layout

AI and sidelines fixed thanks to Kevin63.

How to install :
Remove former versions by deleting "layout_gp_2021" folder and unzip the file directly in your assettocorsa folder

Latest updates

  1. Barcelona 2021 Track Layout 0.95 (AI, sidelines, and Cameras update)

    - AI and sidelines fixed thanks to Kevin 63...
  2. Barcelona 2021 Track Layout 0.92 (small file tweaks)

    Corrected circuit length. Add data files based on former F1 track folder : - audio_sources.ini...
  3. Barcelona 2021 Track Layout 0.91 (UI folder structure correction)

    UI folder structure has been corrected. Should working fine now

Latest reviews

The game crashes, it says ERROR: Reverb node does not exist:AC_PIT_10. Any fixes ?
A great mod for sure. But it is missing 30 grid slots so that a full F3 grid can fit in. Othervise it is a worthy mod
A very great work! All works good! Thanks!
Thank you.
Nice job, thank you!
Thanks for this mod! It works great! :D
Works like a charm :)
Excellent job mate, ty
it keeps telling me "track not found" do you have a fix?
It's awesome but for some reason i don't have the official sponsor as they are on the pictures.
With the latest update, everything is perfect! Thanks
few things still to tweak and then it'll be perfect
Muchas gracias, funciona perfectamente
I don't know why, but even updated version of this mod doesn't work for me
make the entry kerb similar to the real one? thanks
Well, the real turn is a mix of the old one and MotoGp. It's not the same thing like this...
Know it but it's the closest thing we can get in a such short time :)
Many thanks man ! We all need it :) Great work !

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