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BMW Z4 GT3 sound mod 1.6

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Latest updates

  1. BMW Z4 GT3 sound mod

    update for AC V 1.1.6 with better onboard stereo
  2. BMW Z4 GT3 sound mod

    Changelog V1.5: -small bugfixes (stuttering and sound cutoff with more cars on track) -volume...

Latest reviews

Doesn't work and owner doesn't even care about fixing it
Int sound perfect, but no sound outside :/
sonido externo no funciona, algo para solucionar?
It's an excellent mod, don't get me wrong, but could you put V1.1010 in your resources because I feel that was so much better than the one we have now, and comparing the present one to ACFAN's one, his has the internal sounds V.1010 had (which somewhat V1.5 now lacks). Almost feels like I've been clickbaited.
Ext sound dont work for me.
Ext sound dont work for me. Int sound its amazing!
excelent, I love this , thank you.
Excellent, more realistic than the original.
I just downloaded AC, and I've been playing racing games since GPL came out. The real Z4 GT3 car is IMO the best sounding current GT racer, and I was disappointed with the default engine note in the game. I downloaded this, and I have to tell you... watching a replay of a hotlap and hearing this engine note gave me goosebumps. It's absolutely fantastic work. As close to the real thing as you are going to get in a game.
Outstanding sound!!!
I could write a word for each sound mod you created but I would write the same things. My 3 remarks are :
1. Fantastic job !
2. Thank you very much
3. When the next !
Another one I thought Kunos did a good job on (along with the M3 GT2), that you made so much better. Love every pop, whine and snarl!

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