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Brands Hatch 1.1

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Original track from Slimjim.

issues: Ai could be better. Feel free to improve ai files.
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Latest updates

  1. Brands Hatch 1.1 gp and indy (fixed)

    Update: Added new runoff area at Druids and Bottom Bend. Update only for GP layout.
  2. Brands Hatch GP and Indy 1.1

    Update: Added little runoff area at bottom Bend (was missing) Added Runoff asphalt Druids Bend...
  3. Brands Hatch long and indy

    Update: Improved Tarmac Improved Grass Improved colour overall New Barrier cam No fps...

Latest reviews

thank you.
Great track! Thanks for this!
Shame the AI is broken, hopefully someone will know how to fix it eventually. But then AC's AI is quite bad to start with, so it doesn't matter so much right now.
Albert McSaltens
Albert McSaltens
well kunos is making brands hatch laser scanned so, no need to update this track anymore. i guess KS.Brands_hatch will be out around december or january so...
great work thanks for the effort.
Great track - thanks :)
tarmac texture moves and looks strange
The AI's need working , the track its self fantastic....hope someone works over the AI's
Now we are talking. Supercool. Thank you very much. Track is a blast!
Brands Indy packed instead.
Albert McSaltens
Albert McSaltens
ooops gpnna fix that
Nice, thanks!
Club Staff
Great circuit, about the only one I've seen on any game that actually gets the gradient at turn 1 correct!
overall quite good,
don't like the tarmac texture much using normal map ( personal preference )

quite few UV mapping issues ,
empty surroundings,

keep going
Excellent track, looks and feels great and is a lot of fun. Suffering with the same AI issues as others but on the whole a great job. Thank you.
thanks a lot ! good job
Nice track with nice clouds but terrible AI and low FPS + I keep getting the 95% CPU warning even though I have an Intel Core i7-4790K. Really nice Barriers Cameras !
Very nice track, but unfortunately I get bad stuttering in MP with 3 or more cars on some parts of the track. Would be nice if the performance could be optimized in a future version :)
Fantastic version. Having driven there myself, I can quite easily recognise the turns (on the Indy circuit at least) quite well.

Would be great if you could improve the Ai though - as it stands, they bunch up at the start and ram you off track before passing the start line, and sometimes come to a full stop at the hairpin (if they haven't pushed themselves into the barrier!)
excellent track tryly shows the undulations of this great track!! Shame the Ai is totally broken but hey ....

Top quality track thamk you.

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