C13 AEGIS Post Processing Filter

C13 AEGIS Post Processing Filter 1.65 Pure 0.250 compatibility patch

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The wait is over! C13 AEGIS, my photo/camera realistic filter is finally here. A filter that truly accurately captures the aesthetic and dynamics of a camera, day and night, sun or rain. Featuring the most advanced AE system of any Pure filter available today, with precise glare and saturation control, to ensure optimal immersion every second behind the wheel. And the best news? It's available today, and it's 100% free. If you're tired of the terrible choice between undersaturated drab filters on one hand, and oversaturated cartoons on the other, C13 AEGIS is the filter for you. C13 AEGIS features custom atmospheric simulation logic to help maintain a stable and accurate image no matter the conditions on track. Developed with the help and support of AEGIS | VISUALS, this filter represents over 500 hours of work not including testing. It was enabled by the development of entirely new approaches to image management that are wholly unique to C13 AEGIS.

Install manually only, reset pure to defaults if you've ever applied someone's preset.

Latest updates

  1. Hotfix for Pure 0.250

    Pure 0.250 brought a nasty surprise that broke C13 Aegis in a very unique and weird way (kinda...
  2. Minor mess up on my end, still 1.65

    Forgot to re-invert a light setting, difference most ovious at dusk/dawn on non bounced light...
  3. 1.65 Public is here

    The moment has arrived! After a lot of work, the filter is in a great place for wider public...

Latest reviews

my favourite ppfilter
One of the best!
Truly the Best!
Congrats mate.... this is actually by far the best looking filter out there. Very nice balanced. Love it.
My go to PP filter
very good
Absolutely fantastic filter. Just tried it for the first time with CSP 230preview / PURE 235 and I'm blown away.
Early morning track day on the Nords... holy crap when you turn in facing the sun... looks so real!
Thanks so much for your work !
My favourite PPfilter. Public version is slightly outdated but the Patreon preview is perfect!
Thank you for all of your hard work. I was using a different PP Filter before, and blacks looked grey, but your PP Filter is excellent. I also enjoy the small light flares from the LEDs on dashboards. I also like the look of tail lights with your PP Filter. Keep up the great work. :)
Amazing!! so good most realistic real life like filter out there!! nice sunlight not too bright or over exposed like some do just right hit and gives the cars paint a nice relaistic shine and pop and makes the picture come alive really love it thanks for your hard work!!
It is still very good, but I think that bright daytime looks much worse than before - it's now like having shades on. Which is why I reverted back to version 132.
Is raising minimum exposure not enough to tune the look? There was a tone mapping level change to prevent blowout, but if that darkens the image too much for some users a hot fix may be required
Wow Wow - great photo / camera realistic filter - really is chalk and cheese compared to other PPF's
The filter is absolutely perfect, just one issue I'm facing after this update is that the overall brightness is bumped up to 2 by default in the pure config app, and the "gamma" slider doesn't work in the app as well, it does nothing, the current gamma and brightness level is quite high for my liking, any other way to lower it?
Although this is no doubt one of the very best filters for AC, I still find the overall look "too dark", specially shadows. On a normal day, my eyes perceive shadows much more subtle (surroundings always reflect light, so it's not a matter of direct sunlight only. My monitor is balanced (other filters, like Pure Candy for instance, doesn't show this behavior). Besides this little detail, I use this as my new favourite. Judging by the yellow GTR picture on the "farewell" post, I guess the shadows will be better balanced on the next version, making it perfect, worthy of 6 stars.
I've never been so impressed since the launch of Horizon Shades. First of all, thanks! I've just tested it in many complex situations that are hard to handle realism and it delivers the best quality effortlessly. This is pretty much the best ever filter I've tested in many years! I'll start today to use in my videos! Great product! Congratulations! And thanks for supporting our community and of course for the long hours tweaking this! It's a master piece!
Really loving the Filter, not had any problems and has been visually fantastic, thanks very much for the hard efforts.
This is great. Thank you. I was looking for something new.
The filter gives a nice look and responds well to changing light conditions, definitely 5 stars.

My only critique would be it is very bright at certain times on certain tracks.
Thanks. I'm looking into ways to manage these outliers. If you could post the most problematic tracks into the discussion thread, I'd be grateful.
I really like it! Only thing I have to fix is ''vignette''.. I am on triple screen and playing cockpit camera its really annoying to cant see my left and right mirrors on the side monitors.. I try disable ''filmic look'' but its does not fix at all.. I'd like to use your filter with filmic look but without vignette, is there a way to do that ?
Thanks for the review, i believe we fixed this issue oven on yt. For anyone else running triples, either open the filter editor ingame or the filter ini file, and reduce vignette strength to 0.05
Might be one of the best filters to ever make it into AC.

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