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Career XP modifier/Career Challenge 1.0

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works like a charm +10!
Glad you like it! I am working on some changes that will make the career mode even more realistic but it will be sometime before it is finished
I think it's a really great (unlike, perhaps, a wooden steering wheel:D) idea but I'm not sure about the numbers right now. I guess different people will have different preferences, those numbers will never fit everybody.
And let me predict... :) there will be many versions/updates.
Keep up. 5stars for idea. ;)
Thanks. I wanted to make the career more interesting. It was very boring after they got rid of the young drivers test. Also you said about Caterham and it being too hard. You shouldn't be able to go from Caterham to Mercedes in a year, this fixes it. Also the wooden steering wheel is just personal preference, some people will like it, some won't (You see that with my F1 2015 mod). My mods don't cater for everybody, all I want to do is make the experience of playing F1 2014 better for someone, and that is what I have tried to achieve. And BTW I am working to try and make the display screen another wooden texture.

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