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Misc Career XP modifier/Career Challenge 1.0

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Career XP modifier/Career Challenge - Take up the challenge and finish an entire Career Mode

With the removal of the young drivers' test in F1 2014 career mode has gotten quite dull. However the time is right to brighten things up a bit with the
Career XP modifier! The Career XP modifier makes winning the race more valuable towards getting a better seat however, failure to bring the car home where
the team want you to will result in significant XP loss and the team will consider sacking you. Give everything you have got and make sure you don't let
your team down!
Challenge: If you get...

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Here's an example right now....

Is this only one file for all teams, cuz it sure CAN'T be the same winning in Mercedes and Caterham. For instance.
Or get to the podium, say.
With the removal of the young drivers' test in F1 2014 career mode has gotten quite dull


The young driver's test was just a stupid waste of time, which prevented players playing their game how they wanted to play it. Hence mods were released to avoid it, and allow players to pick almost any team they wanted. :)
But it is more realistic with the drivers test. And plus before in F1 2014 you couldn't go to a bad team. The team you went to was always better than the one before. This fixes that.
Oh no ..... I am not complaining about your mod or what it does :thumbsup:

I just disagreed with Young Driver's Test comment, I thought the test was dull, and glad it wasn't included in F1 2014 :)
I do agree in some ways the test was dull too, but I don't think taking it out was the correct solution. Maybe instead of it you have 3 testing sessions (at different venues) with a team of your choice on the actual race weekend (obviously the race will be simulated) then after the 3 testing sessions a team may decide to hire you.
Yeah, the whole concept was too shallow.

You needed the opportunity to drive for the team of your choice, and something along the lines you mentioned would have been more preferable.

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