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Debugging and Top/bottom Teams Options 1.8

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This mod is inspired by Ryder25's mod for F1 2012.
Guess he will come out with it sooner or latter. Since I missed the option very much, I have decided to try it myself and here is the mod which enables the options. Just make backup of states.bin in the system folder and replace with the new states.bin.
Please refer to the old thread for details. There are 2 more options than 2012 i.e. enable infinite flashbacks (edit: not working for me) and toggle flashback anim to false/true.
Edit: The following options may have no effect:
Demo weather, Reduced Mechanics, Enable infinite flashbacks ( Don't ask me why and what are they for as CM made them and I only made them visible for use)
Warning: Use this mod at your own risk. There are bugs in flashbacks (not sure is this mod or original bug in the game), so do not use enable infinite flashbacks and toggle flashback anim options.
The option menu is available when you are on the track. Except online race (never try), It should work in all modes including career mode and it did not corrupt my game. Nevertheless make backup where necessary.
debug 1.jpg
debug 2.jpg

Latest updates

  1. update with 999 flashbacks

    "Enable infinite flashbacks" in debugging menu now gives 999 flashbacks, i.e. give close to...
  2. Game patch #6 update

    1. game patch #6 update 2. Update Top teams to current standings (rb, me, fe, lr, mc, fc, sa)...
  3. Adjust top teams offer order and include options for flashback anim

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Latest reviews

Hola cuando pongo este mod el juego se me cierra ayuda porfa
Make This For F1 2014!!
Very sexy
Another very useful mod for racing in F1 2013.

I use mostly because I often see accidents w/out a safety car coming out, so it's a nice touch to be able to call it out :)
Working without changing database.bin and restart career. Thank you.
Thank you so much love you xoxoxo <3
Works great thank you no more tyre wear :(
Good, that you can start with top teams. I don't think it is possible, but if you could look into code if there would be all teams available to choose on start of career (not just top teams)
Have display problem when there are more than 7 teams.

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