Dekra Lausitzring - DTM 2021 Modification

Dekra Lausitzring - DTM 2021 Modification 1.0 - Final

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After 500+ hours of dedication, I proudly present the Dekra Lausitzring - DTM 2021 Modification for Assetto Corsa by Piano Racing.

In-Depth Side-by-Side Modification Preview including Track Description at the start:


Donate: Not required but very welcome :)

This modification is not a track skin and can't be used as it in Content Manager.

Changes to the mesh, UV Maps, textures, shaders, Custom Shaders Patch Settings and Pre-Baked Shadows have been made.

"Lausitzring for Assetto Corsa By TM-Modding - Conversion from rFactor 2 with permission from original author Digga (SRT)." - is requiered:

Modification features:


  • 42 pit boxes
  • 5 layouts
  • full Custom shader patch support

General changes:
  • Curbs: Red/White
  • changed red Asphalt to green Asphalt
  • Flags have been updated to current Sponsors
  • Country Flags have been updated to DTM 2021 Grid Diver's Nations
  • changed old DTM logos to current
  • changed all Sponsors on signs/adboards to current + added/removed some signs/adboards

  • Pitlane Asphalt Line: changed red Asphalt to green Asphalt
  • Adboards of Pitlane Main Building removed
  • added 8K Media Market Carpet with new Podium on top
  • Added DTM Sponsors Screen
  • Changed old Podium Area to current DTM theme
  • Fixed several Pre-Baked Shadows on walls
  • Changed all Lausitzring Logos to new Dekra Lausitzring Logo
  • Media Markt Arches - two sided on Pitlane Entry & Exit
  • Converted from rFactor 2 by Intel48
  • Completely reworked by Digga
  • Reboot team members (thx to Norms and KevinK2)
  • All other unknown contributors
  • Extract the archive to Assetto Corsa root directory.
  • For uninstall completely remove the tmm_lausitzring folder.

Pre-Release images
(do not represent final modification, just for features preview):

8K Media Market Carpet:

Some of the Pre-Baked Shadow fixes:





This modification has been allowed/approved by Fuzo (TMM).

Enjoy! :D

Latest reviews

really enjoy it but is there anything to do about the pretty bumpy track in the first sector and in the last sector?
This is sick! Thank you, Top quality
I love the video side-by-side comparison.
Amazing job! Worth 10 stars!
Any plans on doing other tracks or car skins for DTM?
Piano Racing
Piano Racing
Thank you! Glad you enjoy my work.

Yes I plan to release several DTM 2021 car skins for Assetto Corsa and Assetto Corsa Competizione. The one in the video will most likely be my next release.
It's 90% finished but I can't tell when I'm gonna be able to release it due to having very limited time.
thank u! will u also make the sponsors for assen? and the stuff there :)
Piano Racing
Piano Racing
I have not planned any other tracks atm due to lack of time. But several DTM 2021 car skins will be my next releases.
Top quality!!! Thanks for your hard and great work :)
WOW! The attention to detail is amazing! Absolutely love this, thanks :D
And great video showcase

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