DiRT Rally Mod Manager

DiRT Rally Mod Manager 4.2

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This is a simple mod manager for DiRT Rally. The intent is to make it as easy as possible for everyone to use.

"I try to keep this app simple, stable, and up-to-date with the game. Please support it."



What it does
  • Create a one-stop shop to install/uninstall all mods
  • Browse mod packages without going through files
  • Select which car livery to override
  • Backup original game files
How to use
  1. If it's your first time, I suggest you backup your original files (as the tool will first treat the mods as original). If you simple upgrade to a newer version of this app, you're good to go.
  2. Specify where your game is installed.
  3. Start drag'n dropping mods (you previously downloaded) into the app.
  4. Browser classes/models/liveries and install the ones you like.
  • You need .NET 4.6 run-time to make the app run.
  • Use as your own risk
  • All rights belong to their rightful owners.
  • Thanks to James Willock (ButchersBoy) for the nice MaterialDesign WPF implementation.
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Latest updates

  1. Added access to VIP liveries

    VIP liveries were not accessible from the app. They are now! Thanks to MaDMaXX for the tip.
  2. Liveries update

    Codemasters added/removed some liveries to existing cars, like McRae's Escort and Impreza. I...
  3. Support for DiRT 1.1 (new cars, new categories)

    What's new: Added support for the new DiRT Rally 1.1 update New cars New car categories...

Latest reviews

Awesome! Easy to use and very nicely done.
loving it, nice and simple :)
Love this !!! Not tested this version yet, but loved the 3.5 so hope this is just as good !!!
Hey thanks so much for this. I haven't seen it yet...I'm not sure where to put it. Want to do it right. Again thanks. EL
Just wondering if you can get VAC ban for using it, if anyone knows the answer pm me pls
wont let me save the game location when I select it so I can do nothing, 3 hours dicking about with this wasted !
great livery tool that simplify the custom livery addons
First time I comment something here, that's a really good job, congrats
Thanks a lot!
Definitely a must have mod management tool. Especially for the DiRT series :)

Hey if DiRT 4 has the same structure would you consider making a mod manager for that?
If people figure out how to do custom liveries, then you can be sure I'll make the DiRT 4 Mod Manager!
This tool is a must-have. It works perfectly! briochebro, you're the man!
Thanks. I hope DiRT 4 has a similar file structure so we can do the same.
Must have.
Is this mod for skins only?
I wanted to install a camera mod, but it wont work
You're right, it only supports textures for the moment.
its looks great. but I have a problem, It doesn't work, I do all the things as it said, but when I Click on the install mod button, doesn't happend anything :(
This is the best application ever!
I subscribe just to say how awesome this app is ! :) Great job
The perfect tool for installing liveries. Appreciate your hard work!
Excellent mod manager, have had it downloaded and really appreciate the continued support and updating. Saved me a lot of stress and hopefully it shall continue to do so!
I can't get it to work, I download skins and drag the .rar files into the app. That works, and I can see and install the skins in the app, but I don't see them in the game. Any suggestions? :)
You won't see them in the car menus, that's something Codemasters does not allow. But if you select the car index which you override, you should see the modified livery once the race starts.

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